Charles-Marie Widor

Aroun Al Rashid:  Charles-Marie Widor

Charles-Marie Widor

1844 - 1937

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A Short Bio.

Click to hear and see Frederick Hohman play the popular Toccata from the Fifth Organ Symphony in F, Op 42 #1, by Charles-Marie Widor on the Schantz pipe organ at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark, New Jersey.

Listen to the Toccata in F, Symphony No. 5, follow the score and read notes (Shockwave required - free download).

Hear and See Nina De Sole play the Toccata in F on the Casavant organ of Saints-Anges-Gardiens in Lachine, Quebec.

Click to hear and see Ignace Michiels plays Ch.-M. Widor, Finale from Organ Symphony n°6 op. 42. Played on the 1937 Klais organ at Bruges Cathedral, September 15th 2007.
Also click for the Allegro Vivace from Organ Symphony n°5 op. 42, likewise played on the 1937 Klais organ at Bruges Cathedral, November 2nd 2007.