Chanteurs JAO

Robert Branham, A Starry Night Cathedral


Sunday, August 19  at  1:00 pm 

Les Chanteurs JAO


The resident chamber choir, under the direction of Patrick Wedd, performs a concert of new sacred choral repertoire. With Donald Hunt on organ.


Missa Cantate (2006)                                                      Bob Chilcott (b. 1953)

                          Kyrie eleison – Sanctus – Benedictus – Agnus Dei


Pange Lingua (2004)                                                                      Bob Chilcott


Lux Aurumque (2000)                                                   Eric Whitacre (b. 1970)


Ave verum corpus (1997)                                              Andrew Gant (b. 1976)


Christus est stella (2000)                                                    Will Todd (b. 1970)


Ostende nobis Domine (2004)                               Howard Skempton (b. 1947)


Evening Canticles (JAO 2002)                                        Robin Davies (b. 1975)

                                        Magnificat – Nunc Dimittis




Bob Chilcott was a founding member of the King’s Singers, but for several years now has concentrated on choral conducting and composition. His recent Missa Cantate brings a freshness and rhythmic vitality to the traditional liturgical text. Pange Lingua uses a somewhat more daring harmonic language, but also contains one of his most haunting melodies.


American composer Eric Whitacre has quickly become a highly regarded composer of colourful music for choirs. Lux aurumque is typical of his style, richly voiced chords in a subdued meditation.


The text of Ave verum corpus has inspired dozens of composers from Josquin to Mozart. Andrew Gant’s setting is largely chordal, but also contains some arresting close imitation in the upper voices.


Christus est stella by Will Todd is a setting of a text by the Venerable Bede,    who is buried in Durham Cathedral for which the piece was written. Its polytonal harmonic language creates an inventive, ringing sonority.


Howard Skempton is best known in England as a pop- and studio-music composer and arranger. He has, as well, produced some very effective choral music which has appeared, among others, in the King’s College, Cambridge, renowned annual Carol Services.


Robin Davies was a member of Christ Church’s Cathedral Singers during the years in which he first studied and then taught at the electronic music studio of McGill University. His setting of the tradition Anglican Evensong canticles (the biblical songs of Mary and Simeon) was written for the Jusqu’aux oreilles festival of 2002. The “tape” part is made up of both “found” sounds from the downtown urban soundscape which surrounds the Cathedral, and also of generated sounds, many of them reminiscent of the rhythmic world of popular music styles.

                                                                                                         -  Patrick Wedd