Andrea Gabrieli


Andrea Gabrieli

1532/33 - 1585



The Interior of The Basilica di San Marco, Venice


Andrea Gabrieli, the uncle of Giovanni Gabrieli "was chosen [in 1566] for the post of organist at St. Mark's, one of the most prestigious musical posts in northern Italy; he retained this position for the rest of his life. Around this time he acquired, and maintained, a reputation as one of the finest current composers. Working in the unique acoustical space of St. Mark's, he was able to develop his unique, grand ceremonial style, which was enormously influential in the development of the polychoral style and the concertato idiom, which partially defined the beginning of the Baroque era in music."  --- Wikipedia

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Andrea Gabrieli, Missa brevis for four voices in D, is in the repertory of Christ Church CathedralClick for availabilty to borrow from [BNQ].

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