Our Program at a glance

PROGRAM - Our program is dedicated to the growth and development of the individual child in the areas of language/cognitive development, gross and fine motor skills, self-concept, social and emotional development, music, art and spiritual awareness.

     Play is children's work.  Each classroom is full of centers with toys, books, pictures, tabletop activities, dress-up clothes, blocks, and materials for art.  The program includes:

*Cognitive, social and emotional development
*Gross motor development
*Fine motor development
*Music and movement          
*Quiet time (circle, story time)
*Active time (centers, movement, outside play)
*Special visitors
*Sign language
*Chapel and Godly Play
*Science and Discovery

HOURS - Preschool hours are from 9:00 am to 12:45pm.  We provide simple snacks and the children bring a lunch from home.  We also offer an Early Arrival program which starts at 8:30am

Infants - 8 Children and 2 Teachers
     Choice of Mon., Tues., Wed., and/or Thurs.

Young Toddlers - 12 Children and 3 Teachers
     Tuesday and Thursday

Older Toddlers - 12 Children and 3 Teachers
     Monday and Wednesday

 Two's - 12 Children and 2 Teachers
     Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

Two's - 12 Children and 2 Teachers
     Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Three's (4 or 5 Days) - 13 Children and 2 Teachers

Fours/PreK (5 Days) -15 Children and 2 Teachers

TUITION - Due on the first of each month with payments made September through April with the exception of May 2019 tuition which is due May 2018.  No adjustments are made in the tuition for illness, vacations, or withdrawals.
        Infants - $235.00 (2 days)
        Toddlers - $235.00
        Two's - $290.00

        4 Day Three's - $325.00
        5 Day Three's & PreK - $345.00

Three's and Four-year-old classes are charged an Activity Fee of $45.00 for the school year.
The above fees are reflective of the 2018-2019 school year and are subject to future increases.