Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Getting Ready for Kindergarten - In our PreK program at Christ Church Preschool
 Your child will learn and grow through a fun and engaging curriculum while working on the following goals: 

Social and Emotional Development
Separates well from parents 
Socializes with peers and interacts with adults
Cooperates with teachers 
Works well and participates willingly in centers, shows an interest in age appropriate activities
Adjusts well to change in routine 
Responds positively to correction, can follow rules and conscious of right and wrong  
Stays on task and shares supplies and toys with peers 
Listens attentively and participates during large group time 
Can sit in group activities for 15 to 20 minutes at a time 
Gets along in group and shows courtesy to others; cooperates with teachers
Speaks in front of the group (Show and tell, etc.) 
Exhibits self-confidence
Can follow rules and conscious of right and wrong
Takes care of personal needs and belongings

Cognitive/Language Development
Verbalize first and last name , knows parents name and knows home address and phone number
Recognizes and responds to first and last name
Writes name independently 
Recognizes alphabet letters and can match upper and lower case
Demonstrates knowledge of letter sounds 
Writes letters of alphabet 
Enjoys age appropriate activities (i.e. books, stories, academic games) 
Speaks clearly 
Communicates personal experiences with teachers and peers and can express personal needs
Shows curiosity, investigator skills (who, what, where?) 
Distinguishes between likenesses and differences 
Identifies directional words 
Understands concept of rhyming words 
Retells a story when read aloud: beginning, middle, end – and can “read” a story by pictures
Identifies colors: red, black, green, orange, blue, purple, brown, pink, white, 
Identifies basic shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, heart, star, diamond, oval 
Sorts objects 
Counts objects with accuracy – rote counts to 100
Matches one to one correspondence counting
Recognizes numbers 1-30 
Explores graphing and identifies what comes next in a pattern
Asks questions about topics of interest  and talks while engaging in pretend play 
Distinguishes between likenesses and differences
Explores environment to stimulate creative thinking and problem solving 
Puts effort and neatness into work 
Demonstrates knowledge of print concepts 
Holds book upright 
            Turns pages of book front to back 
            Uses left to right movement 
            Knows where to begin reading 
        Identifies a word and a letter 
Physical Development
 Fine Motor 
• Demonstrates fine motor skills (cutting, coloring, and tracing) 
• Uses scissors correctly 
• Assembles puzzles 
• Paints with a large brush 
• Holds crayons/ pencil correctly 
• Can button, snap, and zip

Gross Motor 
• Demonstrates age appropriate gross motor skills (run, jump, hop, and skip) 
    Catches and throws ball
    Hops on one foot
    Walks on tiptoe
• Clean up after work period 
• Stores belongings in correct locations 
• Takes care of classroom materials 
• Takes care of personal hygiene 
• Manages own clothing