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The Afternoon Hour

Fourth Thursday of the month 1.30 - 3.00pm

An opportunity to be still in the silence of the church 
and wait on God.

Silence is a key note of Jesus’ ministry – he rises early in the morning, before dawn, to pray in silence. And down the centuries waiting in silence has been a big spiritual discipline for Christians of all traditions and backgrounds. 

But it is really hard to do, and in the demands of an over-busy life it is very difficult to maintain regular times of quiet.


Silence is a feature of our daily prayer here at Christ Church. Each morning and evening there is a precious five minutes of silence as part of our offering of praise – and it is like a well in a dry desert.


THE AFTERNOON HOUR is a development of that experience. It is not exactly a service, just a time of waiting on God in silence. THE AFTERNOON HOUR is open to anyone, and is exactly what it says – an hour. It begins with a simple opening prayer, followed by 50 minutes of silence. The Hour finishes with a very simple form of Compline.


And what do you do in the silence? Well, that is partly the point. You don’t do anything, just wait. And how does that feel? Well, boring, empty, but it is the experience of all those who follow this way that in this silence God begins to speak. Or rather, the silence begins to open us to God’s love and presence. 

If all that sounds a bit grand and high flown, it isn’t. In fact this way of prayer in silence is one of the most natural things in the world and part and parcel of the Christian tradition.

So come along on to church from 1.30 - 3.00pm on the fourth Thursday of the month. And simply see where at leads. As Anthony Bloom, one of the greatest Christian teachers of prayer, says so eloquently, “silence is its own teacher.”  

Christ Church,
1 Nov 2017, 03:35