• It was agreed by the PCC that the refurbishment of the Parish Centre toilets could go ahead as a ‘stand alone’ project. It was completed with great success in August 2015.  For more details click here

  • The Building Project Steering Group would like to thank everyone for their support and continued interest in the project and also thanks everyone most sincerely for all your efforts with the fundraising.

    Focus now turns to our new Entrance Scheme which aims to incorporate a gentle ramp to allow equal access to both the church and Parish Centre for everyone.

    On Thursday 12th January 2017, the Building Project Steering Group met with Architect Stephen McConnell from Knox McConnell Architects to discuss the way forward.


    Now that the Project has been granted full planning permission the BPSG, the Fundraising Team and the Architects have to carefully plan the next few months in order to coordinate all that needs to be done without incurring unnecessary costs. Planning permission is valid for 5 years, the large grant giving bodies have validity of between 6 months and 2-3 years and building tenders are generally only valid for 3 months before costs have to be reassessed. The grant giving bodies also have to be compared as they all have different deadlines, funding criteria and validity timescales.

     After due discussion it was decided that the new Fundraising Team be asked to create a list of large grant giving trusts showing their application criteria, application deadlines and validity span in order for everyone to work out the way forward.

    In the meantime, Stephen McConnell agreed to start work on our application for a Faculty from the Diocese of Leeds in readiness for the work to commence.

    Please see below for ways in which you can make a contribution to this very worthwhile project.

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