Access and Welcome

Following the work done at the Sowing the Seed days, a Building Vision group was formed to carry forward plans to improve the welcome at Christ Church and to improve access for members (and potential members) of the congregation who face challenges due to the current layout of the building. In addition to this, the PCC feel that the Parish Centre is now well overdue a programme of refurbishment. 

To address all of these issues the Building Vision group has worked hard to develop plans which meet and exceed all of these goals, providing an uplifting and inspirational space in which we can gather. The PCC has supported this effort by authorising the necessary expenditure to draw up detailed plans and carry out the required surveys to establish the feasibility of the project.

We are now thrilled to announce that FULL PLANNING PERMISSION HAS BEEN GRANTED to enable the scheme to go ahead.

Below you will find a video presentation and some images and scale plans of the original scheme. Some of the details in this video have been changed as the planning process has developed, but it gives a good indication of the project in general.The current expected cost (including a contingency allowance) of delivering everything in these plans is £641,000. In the coming weeks we will be adding more information to this section of the web site.

A fund-raising website has been set-up, please click on the link below:
Video of the Proposed Plans

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Images and Scale plans

Building Vision - Phase 1

Clicking the Play button will start a slide show of the images. If you wish to see larger versions of any of the images simply "double click" on an image and this will open a full album of the images in a new browser window. You can then "double click" on any of the images in the album to see the larger version (with options to "zoom in", etc). Please don't forget to come back to this page to complete the survey.