"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6)"
Children's Workshop is a site where you can find children's books, character studies, songs, puzzles, trivia lists, and other Bible related information.
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The following children's books are available in PDF.  Click on a book to go to that PDF file.  The files have been scanned so that when you print them out on your printer, they are set up in a "magazine" style where they can be folded and stapled to look like a booklet.  For hardcopies visit Truth Gleaner Publications.

 Bible Marking Workbook


This booklet was adapted from a Bible marking course used in teaching the Truth to individuals who had never heard it before. This course was originally published by the New England Christadelphian Publicity Committee (Amended). The year of publication is unknown.  Procedures have been created in the booklet to help Bible students understand how to use the workbook.

Bible Word Search Puzzles



Different Bible characters fill the pages of these unique word search puzzles.

 The Kings of Judah and Israel

The kings of Judah and Israel are desribed in detail in this booklet offering interesting insight into their lives.  The descriptions in this book were taken from J.A. Cowie's The Kings of Israel and Judah: Volumes One and Two. 

 Daily Bible Readings Workbook


Following the 3-portion chart of Robert Roberts, this daily Bible readings workbook is designed to be used at the end of each particular Bible reading.  A synopsis of each book is provided so your or your Bible student can fill in the blanks.  Upon the completion of each year (or chart portion), a series of questions/answers are also provided.  Within the workbook are blank sheets of paper for the copious notetaker.  The workbook also includes Bible inserts.


An at-a-glance chart is included for those using the workbook as either a Sunday School or homeschool supplement, which allows for pre-scheduling of questions/answers based on the day the reading has been completed.  Students will know in advance when to expect to complete any given Book of the Bible, and can fill in the appropriate chart.



The following stories by Carol Wilson, with a synopsis of each story, are set in Christadelphian family circles and reveal thought-provoking life lessons mixed with honesty and courage.


 The Broken Furniture

This story is about consequences.  Telling the truth at all times is a concept we want to teach our children at a very early age.  This story reveals what it means to our heavenly Father to be truthful.  (Prov. 12:22; Psa. 32:5)

 Welcome to Canada

One of the first concepts that we want to teach our children is trust in God, accompanied by prayer.  Even when facing the unknown, which includes a totally different way of life, Ivan, Igor, and their parents trust that they will be cared for by Yahweh.  They also remember to thank Yahweh by the help given by others.  (Psa. 125:1; Eph. 5:20)

 The Missing Dogs

Covetousness is a problem we all face, from time to time, throughout our lives.  We, as parents, must teach our children early that they cannot have everything they desire.  Tommy learns a valuable lesson in this story. (Rom. 13:9; I Jn. 1:9)

 The Veggie Garden


Active participation in growing a garden, even a tiny one, creates much more interest in eating and enjoying the final product.  A child learns how dependent we are on Yahweh for our food, and that food should be eaten with thanksgiving and no complaining.  Jackie and Susie learn just how hard it is to grow food from a cursed ground. (Psa. 145:15-16; 2 Thess. 3:10)

 Maple Syrup Time at the Farm


This story is essentially about some of the wonders of God's creation. All that we have comes from our Heavenly Father, Yahweh, including one of life's pleasures, maple syrup.  The sap flowing up through the roots of the maple tree all the way to the leaves in order to feed them happens each spring and is truly a miracle. (Psa. 104:14,16)

Snow Day 

When bringing up children, we realize how much they copy our actions.  We always try to set a good example.  We also try to teach older children to set good examples for younger children.  Some problem areas tend to be tidiness and good manners.  Respect for our homes, as well as other places, is also important to consider.  We must always be aware that there are others who end up cleaning the mess we may leave behind.  Jackie and Susie learn to be aware of this good behavior. (Luke 6:31; John 13:34)

 The House Next Door

If children are to learn to obey their Heavenly Father, they must also learn to obey their earthly parents.  Jackie finds himself in a difficult situation when he fails to follow his parents' rules, and must face certain consequences. (Eph. 6:1-3) 

 The Big Snow Storm

An example of the power of Yahweh can definitely be seen in weather around us, especially strong winds and snow.  An important issue in this story is to be aware that Yahweh will protect us.  We must also remember to keep the memorial service, even if the weather outside is bad, as Jackie and Susie's family do.  (Psa. 147:16-18; Luke 22:19)