This is a list of some of the booklets from our Standard Series that you can read online or print off for your own personal use. The copyright for these texts is held by the Christadelphian Magazine and Publishing Association Limited (UK). Permission should be sought for multiple copies, or for any use other than personal study.

If you would like printed copies of these, they are available from our online bookshop.

Our Standard Series booklets:

After Death - What?Angels: God's MessengersThe Bible our GuideBible ProphecyChrist in the Old TestamentChrist is Coming!The Crisis of the CrossThe Disciple & Human RightsThe Divine Origin of the BibleDo You Believe in a Devil?Does God Hear Prayer?Heaven and HellThe Holy SpiritHope for a Hopeless WorldIsrael: God's People - God's LandJesus: God the Son or Son of God?The Middle East and Bible ProphecyThe Miracle of the BibleOne Bible - Many Churches …Resurrection & JudgementThe Resurrection of Jesus ChristWho are the Christadelphians?Whose Land?Why Baptism Really MattersWhy Does God Allow Suffering?Your Share in God's PromisesThe Kingdom of God on Earth