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 A monthly magazine  published by the Christadelphians (brothers and sisters in Christ) and available throughout the world. Its objectives are – to encourage study of the Bible as God's inspired message;  to call attention to the Divine offer of forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ; and to warn men and women that soon Christ will return to Earth as judge and ruler of God’s world-wide Kingdom.


A Christadelphian's confession of faith 

If you asked a Christadelphian what he or she believed, this is the type of answer you might receive: "My faith is not just a set of Bible doctrines which I believe in theory. It is a faith to be lived as I try to follow the Lord Jesus day by day, and try to be like him. My greatest desire is for the Lord Jesus to return to earth so that I might glorify God, with Jesus, in his everlasting, worldwide kingdom here on earth!" read more....



Bible Reading Course