This is a conceptual project, developed to provide an environmentally benificial process of art production. The goal is to produce a commodity object, that the process of fabrication contributes positively to the environment: 

    Sawdust from invasive trees (cleared in our native reforestation project) are inoculated with mycelia from a local strain of fungi (which I collect and clone). The work is then grown out, fusing the sawdust 'canvas' together. Finally, the mushroom fruits are allowed to form on the surface, independently defining the composition as a response to their environment. 

    Archival preservation is achieved through an organic, sustainable technology: The final works are dehydrated, and submerged in a molten encaustic medium (beeswax and damar tree sap) within a vacuum chamber.  Vacuum is applied, forcing the wax into the fungi on a cellular level. It is removed and after solidification, ready for exhibition.