Work in Progress

[1]    Expectancy Value Theory and Computerized Practicing. (With Ilja Cornelisz)

[2]    Teacher Discretion in Grading Standardized Exams: the Dutch Secondary Education 
       (With Ilja Cornelisz & Martijn Meeter)

[3]    Trial lectures or admission talks? How to improve students' choice of major. (With Adam Booij)

[4]    Self-serving Bias and Student's Choice of Major 
Ilja Cornelisz, Karen Kooiman & Martijn Meeter)

[5]    Early Warning Systems and Student Counseling Higher Education 
       (with Theo Bakker and Martijn Meeter)

[6]    The Power of Blended Learning: What we Know and What we Need to Know (with Luuk Terbeek)

[7]    Diagnostic Tests for Drop Out Prevention and Remediation: Which Test Explains What? 
       (with Sjirk Zijlstra, Karen Kooiman and Ilja Cornelisz)

[8]    Is Career Guidance in Higher Education Worth the Investment? 
       (with Mark te Wierik, Jos Beishuizen and Hans Vossensteyn)

[9]    Sector and Education Specific Unemployment and Job Opening Patterns in the Netherlands
       (With Sofie Cabus and Ilja Cornelisz)

[10]    Using National School Entry Rules to Identify Teacher Effects on Student Test Scores 
       (With Ilja Cornelisz and Joris Ghysels).

Working Papers

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