I am an Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department of Southern Illinois University and director of the Graphics & Entertainment Technology Lab. Before landing at SIU I was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Visual Computing Lab at Dartmouth College. When there, I was working under the supervision of Prof. Emily Whiting (now @ Boston University) on computational fabrication and 3D printing sub-areas of computer graphics. Prior that post, I was a Researcher at the Intelligent Multimedia & Virtual Reality Lab at the University of the Aegean. By that time, I was working on computer animation as well as on virtual reality interaction. At the University of the Aegean, my advisor was Prof. Christos-Nikolaos Anagnostopoulos

I hold a Ph.D. in Informatics and an M.Sc. in Multimedia Applications and Virtual Environments both from the Dept. of Informatics (School of Engineering and Informatics) of the University of Sussex. During my Ph.D. studies, I was advised by Prof. Paul Newbury.

Research Interests: Computer Graphics, Computer Animation, Virtual Reality, Video Games, Computational Fabrication & 3D Printing, Machine Learning, Interactive & Intelligent Systems

Note: Outside of the office I am a passionate tennis player (#epicfail). If you are nearby Carbondale and you are looking for a partner to hit a few balls please call or e-mail me.

Positions: I am actively seeking well-motivated students (Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D.) to work with me on exciting projects related to Computer Graphics, Computer Animation, Video Games, and VR. If you are interested in working with me, you are encouraged to contact me. Interested MS & Ph.D. candidates should firstly take a look at the CS Graduate Program webpage. Please, note that machine learning experience is considered as a +.

  • 01/2018: A single-author full-paper on dance motion control of a virtual partner character is accepted to 2018 IEEE VR Conference.
  • 10/2017: A single-author paper on full-body locomotion reconstruction of virtual characters is accepted to Sensors Journal [IF: 2.677].
  • 07/2017: New journal paper is accepted to Springer's 3D Research.
  • 05/2017: Our ACM SIGCHI paper on "Environment-Scale Fabrication" featured on CNNU.S. News & World ReportDaily MailScienceDailyTechCrunchSilicon-Valley.netEurekAlertEngadgetphys.org, New AtlasDigital TrendsDesertNews#follownews, and much more.
  • 04/2017: A short paper is accepted to AVR 2017.
  • 03/2017: A full paper is accepted to EUROGRAPHICS VRIPHYS 2017.
  • 03/2017: New paper is accepted to Springer's 3D Research Journal.
  • 03/2017: I have a paper is accepted to Computers & Graphics Journal [IF: 1.176].
  • 03/2017: Hei-Jin Kim joins the GET Lab to work on VR.
  • 01/2017: Sruthi Rachamalla and Sharath Japa join the GET Lab to work on a BioVis project in collaboration with Deeptak Verma.
  • 01/2017: Ourania Spantidi and Chinmay Rajguru join the GET Lab as graduate students.
  • 12/2016: A full paper is accepted to ACM CHI 2017 [H Index: 131].

  • Sruthi Rachamalla (PhD): TBA
  • Sai Sharath Japa (PhD): Computational Fabrication
  • Alex Koilias (PhD, UoAegean - Co-advised): Intelligent 3D Modeling
  • Ourania Spantidi (MS): Crowd Simulation & VR
  • Fatimah Alanazi (MS): Perception of Lifelike Virtual Characters
  • Hei-Jin Kim (BS): Character Animation
  • Utsav Dhungel (BS): Senio Project - The SIU CAVE
  • Josh Maier (BS): Senio Project - The SIU CAVE
  • Brady Sprinkle (BS): Senio Project - The SIU CAVE

  • Chinmay Rajguru (MS '17): 3D Fabrication & Printing
  • Yaoyuan Cui (BS Summer Intern '17): Virtual Reality
  • Nicholas Lowman (MS '16): Multi-Character Simulation