I am an Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department of Southern Illinois University and director of the Graphics & Entertainment Technology Lab. Before landing at SIU I was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Visual Computing Lab at Dartmouth College. When there, I was working under the supervision of Prof. Emily Whiting (now @ Boston University). Prior that post, I was a Researcher at the Intelligent Multimedia & Virtual Reality Lab at the University of the Aegean. By that time, I was working on computer animation as well as on virtual reality interaction. At the University of the Aegean, my advisor was Prof. Christos-Nikolaos Anagnostopoulos

I hold a Ph.D. in Informatics and an M.Sc. in Multimedia Applications and Virtual Environments both from the Dept. of Informatics (School of Engineering and Informatics) of the University of Sussex. During my Ph.D. studies, I was advised by Prof. Paul Newbury.

Research Interests: Computer Graphics, Computer Animation, Virtual Reality
Note: Outside of the office I am a passionate tennis player (#epicfail). If you are nearby Carbondale and you are looking for a partner to hit a few balls please call or e-mail me.
  • 07/2017: New journal paper is accepted to Springer's 3D Research!!!
  • 05/2017: Our ACM SIGCHI paper on "Environment-Scale Fabrication" featured on CNN, Washington PostUS News, Daily MailScienceDailySilicon-Valley.netTechCrunchEurekAlert, Engadget, phys.org, GlobalNewsNew Atlas, Digital TrendsUroftDesertNews, #follownews, and much more!
  • 04/2017: Christian Garcia joins the GET Lab to work on Multimodal Interaction with Intelligent Virtual Characters!
  • 04/2017: A short paper is accepted to AVR 2017!!
  • 03/2017: A full paper is accepted to EUROGRAPHICS VRIPHYS 2017!!
  • 03/2017: New paper is accepted to Springer's 3D Research Journal!!!
  • 03/2017: I have a paper is accepted to Computers & Graphics Journal!!!
  • 03/2017: Jin Min joins the GET Lab to work on Immersive VR!
  • 02/2017: Hancheng Zhang joins the GET Lab to work on an Intelligent Interactive Table project!
  • 01/2017: Sruthi Rachamalla and Sharath Japa join the GET Lab to work on a BioVis project in collaboration with Deeptak Verma!
  • 01/2017: Ourania Spantidi and Chinmay Rajguru join the GET Lab as graduate students!
  • 12/2016: A full paper is accepted to ACM CHI 2017!

  • Sruthi Rachamalla (PhD): TBA
  • Sai Sharath Japa (PhD): TBA
  • Ourania Spantidi (MS): Crowd Simulation & VR
  • Chinmay Rajguru (MS): 3D Fabrication & Printing
  • Fatimah Alanazi (MS): Visual Perception
  • Hei-Jin Kim (BS): Immersive VR
  • Christian Garcia (BS): Multimodal Interaction with Intelligent Virtual Characters
  • Yaoyuan Cui (BS Intern from China's Northeast Normal University): VR & Graphics

     Nicholas Lowman (MS '16)