Isabella Videos 

Cutest sound ever - The video is hard to see, but in the first few seconds Isabella makes the cutest sound ever.

Nightly Noises - Isabella making some of her nightly noises.

Isabella just doing what she does - Isabella talking, crying, and wriggling around.

More cute noises - Isabella talking to Daddy

Isabella Talking - Isabella talking (really yelling) to daddy.

Isabella and the Bumbo Chair - Isabella enjoying her new Bumbo Seat - 7-20-07

Isabella Laughing - Enjoying her time with daddy 

Laughing it up with daddy - Isabella with daddy. He's doing what he knows best. 8-14-07

Isabella can crawl - Just what the title says. 11/23/07

Isabella Laughing again - She is laughing hysterically 02/24/08

Isabella's Birthday Cake - Isabella enjoying her personal birthday cake 04/18/08

Isabella on slide- Isabella going on the slide with some help from daddy. It was a windy day. 06/14/08

Isabella talking - She says no (without shaking her head) and banana, all with a full mouth. 06/17/08.

Isabella dancing - Only for a couple of seconds. 04/17/08