Isabella Sophia

 Updates on Isabella's Development 


We took Isabella to for 18mo checkup. Here's her current stats:

Weight: 24 lbs (50%)
Height: 32 3/8 in. (70%)
Head: 18 5/8 in. (75%) 

They gave her two shots; her flu (which she has to get the second half next month) and Hepatitis A . She did not cry during or after getting those shots. She flinched with the second one she got. She growing strong and healthy. She still loves to color and sing. She's also reading to herself, you can't understand her except for the few instances that she names something correct of the page she's reading. She also loves to count her favorite numbers at the moment are two, five, eight and nine. Her vocabulary continues to grow. We'll try to get a list of her new words. Her favorite phrase is "I did it!"

At the moment she's trying to put her pants on by herself.


Sorry I haven't been updating this like I should. 

 I have added a video clip of the latest thing Isabella like to do... sing!


Phrases of the week:

Oh No!

What's That

Bye Bye

Quack Quack 


Isabella's vocabulary is growing more every day. So far the list of her words are: hey, hi, bye bye, mama, mommy, dada, daddy, papa, nana, night night, pirate (because of her Veggie Tales poster), thank you, cracker, bubble, book, banana, kitty, cat, and she's starting to say please. I'm sure there's others that I'm forgetting.


Isabella is now walking more then crawling!! She is walking all over the house now. When we have a chance we will post a video so everyone can see.


Happy Birthday to Isabella Sophia!!! Oh how fast a year can pass by.  


Well the year is almost over and Isabella getting older. Ten days before she turns 8 months old. Already she's learned to crawl around; she can stand up with assistance; she can say 'mama' and 'dada'. She can hold her bottle all by herself including her brand new sippy cup; and feed herself (Gerber Puffs - Banana's her favorite, she goes crazy over them). Her favorite food are banana's and sweet potatoes. She's learning how to say 'more'.


Hello from Puerto Rico!!! Isabella is doing just fine. The plane ride yesterday was great. Isabella slept during take off. Afterwards she woke up and was happy throughout the flight. She stayed awake during the decent into San Juan. She was unaffected from the air pressure. Today we're going to Utuado to visit her great grandfather. Hopefully during this trip she'll see her great great grandmother; and she'll visit the beautiful town of Isabella.When we come back to Orlando I'll have tons of pictures.


This morning we took Bella to get her ears pierced. She was very well behaved for the actual piercing, but she wasn't cooperating when the nurse was marking her ears for the earrings.

There are some nice pictures in the photo album. I still think that the way that she photographs sometimes that she will be a model.

That is all I have for tonight.

Isabella has been growing up fast.

On her recent doctor's visit the doctor approved feeding her solid foods. We started with rice cereal which she is getting used to. She also had four shots. She was sleeping at the time so the nurse woke her up with the first shot. She didn't like them too much.

Here is a chart of Isabella's growth:

Date Age Height Height % Weight Weight %
4/18/07 Newborn 20in. - 9 lbs 13.9 oz -
4/23/07 5 Days 20 in. - 9 lbs 8 oz -
5/2/07 2 Weeks 20 3/4 in. 75% 10 lbs 90%
6/21/07 2 Months 24 1/8 in. 95% 12 lbs 9 oz 90%
8/21/07 4 Months 25 7/8 in. 95% 15 lbs 14 oz 90%
10/22/07 6 Months 261/2 in.
17 lbs. 8oz
01/18/08 9 Months 281/8 in. 75% 19lbs 4oz 60%
04/24/08 12 Months 30 in. 75% 21 lbs 8oz 60%
10/21/08 18 Months 32 3/8 in. 70% 24 lbs 50%