Where are my spacesuit parts?

Darn! Where are my spacesuit parts?

Or, I'm not the only one who has trouble finding part I know we stock :-) 

From:  Space Station Crew Blasts Off With First Brazilian Astronaut



 [...]The station crew is scheduled to conduct three spacewalks, two from
the U.S. segment and one from the Russian segment. The Russian

spacewalk has been halted because the current crew 

can't find four lithium hydroxide canisters 

that remove carbon dioxide from Russian

spacesuits, and the U.S. one is on hold because of concerns about the
condition of handrails that allow astronauts to move from one part of
the station to another.



 My personal hope is that RFID becomes usable and this sort of problem becomes a thing of the past.


"Where's that canister?"  "Well , the RFID  tag seems to be coming from under this Pepsi banner :-)"