Set Paperless TD Banking, OK! Now, do you now want Paperless TD banking?

To avoid being charged USD $1.00 monthly, I revived my online account with the help of very pleasant TD bank representative.
After resetting my password, I changed my account to "Online Statements" .  Then, continuing to examine my account online, I was immediately met by the message below. As a technologist, I realize that the message is probably set to go off sometime after logging into an account that has paper statements, to try to encourage the customers to "Switch to online statements!".  But this spurious message rather disconcerting, especially during the same session where I just said I want Online Statements.  I am logging this to TD Bank's online "Send Us an E-mail" web form in the hopes others will not suffer the confusion of "Gee, I just thought I set that.  Didn't they get that? Should I do it again? Should I ignore it?"