Problem: Searching for Contacts on myTouch 4G (also known as the HTC Glacier) does not work!

I can open my contacts in the standard HTC contacts app and they are all there but when I tap on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner the search text box appears and the keyboard appears but the screen displays "No Contacts".  No matter what I type in the search box nothing appears.  I can search normally from the phone dialer app or from the Google search.  I have contacts in Exchange, Gmail, and Facebook (both "Facebook for Android" and "Facebook for myTouch")..  They all appear in the contacts app but cannot be searched.  I have cleared the data in the contacts storage app and that seemed to fix the problem for about 4 hours until but in the middle of re-linking contacts (facebook to gmail to exchange) the search stopped.


SOLUTION: Use link to add and merge in the entry you want. Or use Google Search.
Typical Contacts menu (redacted)

Typical Contacts Menu...

... Mergeme entry

We have created an entry with the name "..." and "mergeme" as an email address.
This appears at the top of the Contacts list.

Choose the link button, then All Contacts

Then type in the desired contact in this case we want a precinct so we type prec

and see this:

loading screen
followed by All our contacts. We then type prec and see the matching entries with the search string highlighted as shown:

Contacts Merge through link and typing prec to match these two entries


After selecting the 9th precinct (Cooper Union)

Now the entries are merged/link and we can pick the number we want.

Also thing can be search in Google Search as shown:

typing prec in Google Search. Note precin matches MergeMe as we have linked that one to the 5th precinct