Fly Fusion "Reset Pentop" fails

We were trying to reset the Fly Fusion after erasing all the applications (by accident) .

The "Reset Pentop" option fails as follows:

Here is the full screen

(after moving the failure dialog box to see the underlying window's progress bar)

and the final dialog box.

And of course we're connected to the Internet.

And Now for support from leapfrog...

So off to the Internet for a support question:

Here's the text of the question entered:

When using the Fly Fusion, my son reset the pen and erased the pentop applications. To restore the pentop applications, he used the Fly World application. He connected the pen via the USB cable, went to "Settings", "Pentop" and selected the "Reset Pentop" option.

After confirming with the "Reset pentop" dialog, the
progress bar displaying "Preparing Pentop..." stopped half-way through and displayed a covering dialog box stating:

Fly World can't find all of the required applications on your computer. Please make sure
you're connected to the Internet and try again.

We have try rebooting the PC and other similar actions. The PC was successfully accessing the Internet through flyworld and reaching[bignumber here in original text]
To ease your diagnosis so you can "See what I see",
I have pictorally documented all of this on the following web page:

Please suggest a course of action to solve this problem.

This actually wouldn't submit through Firefox The submit returned "Operation Timed Out". Wonderful :-(. I eventually submitted the question using IE.

And Now We Wait :-)

I will update with whatever response we get.

Update: 20080110T0136-0500:

Well the web site seems to have purged the question with no response at all. Maybe just Christmas overload. I've submitted the same question again. Here we have that...

and here is the acknowledgement screen (apparently only 6 questions logged today).

The question logging format seems to be YYMMDD-NNNNNN :-)

Checking my email again, I find no message from them yet, not even "we got your question as follows [...] and will respond in 48 to 72 hours...". That would be comforting a good way to check the validity of the user entered email address. Oh well...

Chris Lent 20080110T0150-0500


After thinking a while, I did some more Google searching and found the Fly Fusion website: FlyFusion web site

This has a link to FAQ's which seems appropriate. Let's give a try Real Soon Now :-)

Maybe this weekend.

P.S. Still nothing back from the original LeapFrog electronic support. Probably ended up in

the "It's not our problem" bin, and no one has dealt with it. Sad...

Probably this is a marketing (and technology thing) to separate the new product from the old.

Sad that they continue to pay for "FLY Fusion" advertising pointing you at LeapFrog ...

Chris Lent 20080201T2340-0500


Update: 20080222T2144-0500
A response to the resubmitted first question.

 Discussion Thread
 Response (Zairin) 02/21/2008 09:44 AM 

Thank you for your email. We apologize for any inconvenience and the delayed response.

Please let us know what you intended to do. It was not stated on the email you sent us

Thank you.


Thank you, Zairin, for your attention to this matter.

We were trying to restore the Pentop applications using the "Reset Pentop" option of the PC program.

This operation failed with the message "Fly World can't find all the required applications on your computer. Please make sure you're connected to the Internet and try again."

The Internet connection was connected, but the error message continued through repeated trials.

What is the best course of action at this point?
Chris Lent

Chris Lent 20080202T2144-0500 (note this is out of cronological order).



Further update: No USB


Current state of affairs, FLY Fusion will not talk over USB.


In summary: "FLY Fusion not longer recognized over USB by FLY World application".


My son had apparently later tried the following:

  1. Hooked it up to our other computer, running Windows Vista, to see if the FLY World application would be able to reset it.
  2. The application said the Pentop computer needed to be updated. The update finished and seemed like it had worked, until he tried to use the FLY World application again, then the FLY World would not recognize the pentop again. It was as if the pentop was not communicating with the computer.

The FLY Fusion pentop now operates oddly.  The symptoms are:

  1. The  indicator light not changing from  green to any other color when connected to  any computer via a USB cable.
  2. When the FLY World application is launched, we see "Not logged on" and "FLY World will only recognize your Pentop when it's plugged in and turned on".


 No action changes this status, including:

  1. Connecting to the USB cable then powering down and up the pen (pentop blinks green at this point).
  2. Powering down and up the pen (pentop blinks green at this point) and then Connecting to the USB cable.
  3. Connecting to the USB cable, then powering down and up the pen and pressing RECORD WRITING OFF from the Control Panel (this make the indicator steady green) . 
  4. Powering down and up the pen and pressing RECORD WRITING OFF from the Control Panel (this make the indicator steady green) then connecting to the USB cable.
  5. Using a different USB A to miniUSB B cable.
  6. Uninstalling FLY World, renaming the residual directory C:\Program Files\Leapfrog to C:\Program Files\evil_Leapfrog, and finally downloading FlyWorldLatest.exe  from and reinstalling FLY World on both the Windows Vista and Windows XP machines.

  The pentop will otherwise operate normally.


Interestingly the pentop does not appear to be visible on the USB bus, via any of the following:

  • Start->Run->devmgmt.msc -> View -> Devices by connection then View -> Show hidden devices (both Windows XP and Vista)
  • Apple menu -> About This Mac -> More Info to get to System Profiler. Then Hardware->USB (on Mac OS 10.3.9)
  • On Knoppix V5.1.1 2007-01-24EN CD, via both usbview and lsusb -v. Even dmesg shows no USB events for the FLY Fusion. (Linux 2.6.19 kernel with udev on LiveCD)

All this was submitted via:

Better reached through: 


then clicking on "Frequently Asked Questions", then in the pop-up window, clicking on the "Ask A Question"  Tab.  This way a php session identifier is generated and their server is probably much happier :-)


Product: FLY Fusion

Subject: FLY Fusion not longer recognized over USB by FLY World application after update


Question: After installing an update via FLY World, now the FLY Fusion pentop computer is no longer detected via FLY World.

Could you please provide or direct me to instructions or a series of steps to troubleshoot this problem?

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Christopher Lent


The following is all documented online (with pictures and previous problem history) at:
Select 'Fly Fusion "Reset Pentop" fails'
and scroll down (or search) to  "Further update: No USB"

or just browse to

Why our first question may have disappeared!

After submitting the question, or so I thought, I got the message Thank you for contacting FLY Support. The word contacting implies that communication has occurred.  Unfortunately, the bottom of the form displays   (after displaying no matching queries) the words If these responses did not answer your question and a button Send Question.

So what has actually happened is that FLY World support has parsed the question and  tried to match possible answer.  Very nice and probably useful.  The unfortunate problem is the original form also has an identical Send Question button implying that your are submitting the question for human review.  


Unfortunately for the user, if they click on a link or otherwise browse away, the question is sent to the great Bit bucket in the sky. I believe many customers think that they have submitted the question and will now be contacted via the email address they entered. 

Perhaps asking for the email address later, explaining the process or changing the message to something other than the bolded Thank you for contacting FLY Support might help resolve the ambiguity.


For completeness, once the  second Send Question button is clicked, the final screen appears.



and then there is finally a confirmation.

So for future reference the question number is: 080203-000570

Further Ruminations on NO USB:

My guess is that the update left the pen in a state where it no longer communicates on the USB bus.  Perhaps a programmable pull-up resistor is not being activated ?


See: and search for "firmware" or "USB assumes".  The will bring up the "Speed Identification" section which discusses USB pull-up resistors.

Or in with a modern version of Acrobat Reader, just click on this link :-)