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Consulting projects

I "grew up" doing strategy, advertising, branding, and marketing at big advertising agencies, smaller consultancies, and one of the world's major training and assessment companies. I still love to consult on interesting strategic projects because it keeps me focused on innovation, connected to the marketplace, and because I enjoy it. A few recent engagements are described below. If you'd like to talk with me about a project, please contact me.

SEI Technovation
is an ongoing conference hosted by the Software Engineering Institute for top CIOs. In its first two years, attendees were participants in GE's Experienced Information Management Program, a hand-selected group of 40-50 top technologists from GE businesses around the world. Technovation's week-long program -- brainchild of SEI's Dave Scherb -- featured noteworthy presentations from top Carnegie Mellon professors and researchers including Red Whittaker, Eric Nyberg, Rich Caralli, Andy Wasser, Jesse Schell, and, well, me, who was also the host and "creative director" of the event. The event focuses on the latest state-of-the-art-and-the-business concepts, technologies, and competencies required for success in the near and far future. To get the flavor of what the 2011 and 2102 weeks were like, click here.

Cranberry Township PA
 is one of the fastest-growing communities in the state, and probably one of the most visionary, in the sense that for the past three years community government and other groups have been constructing The Cranberry Plan for the next 25 years of growth. I helped by doing deep qualitative research into the destination marketing strategies and efforts of 32 top living destinations, heavy-duty quantitative research with over 1,500 residents and businesses, many 1:1 interviews, and ultimately isolating the key characteristics that make Cranberry Township such a great place to live, work, and shop. I then wound up creating the community branding elements and working with internal and external resources to establish and maintain the Cranberry Township Brand.

The Cranberry Plan was awarded The Daniel Burnham Award for exemplifying "the best and brightest in Pennsylvania planning."

The Pittsburgh Science & Technology Academy
 is the brainchild of Heinz College alum Sam Franklin. After a casual conversation with my CMU colleague Ed Barr, one thing led to another, and Ed and I found ourselves consulting on the marketing and communications plan for this dynamic and important part of the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Working with friend and uber-designer Dennis Moran, we created a powerful brand that is now not only one of the best parts of Pittsburgh Public Schools, but a shining example of what's possible for one of the newest and most important ideas in American public education.

The Pittsburgh Leadership  Foundation
 is part of a national network of leadership organizations whose mission is to "raise the bar in both skills and character to succeed in building organizations that produce value for the customer as well as good for the world." I helped just a little by helping them explore new names, messaging and brand elements for the Leaders Collaborative and other services, now known as ServingLeaders.