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Impact of Innovation Skills Training

Back when I was an ad agency creative director, clients would often ask me to conduct workshops to help their people "be more creative." Today organizations ask their people to "be more innovative," but often don't give them the tools or training to make that possible. While no one can actually teach anyone else to be creative or innovative, there are certain tools and techniques that creative people and innovators use to help make their ideas happen. My own academic courses and executive education courses in innovation use those tools and techniques to help students advance their ideas. "Innovation education" is increasingly turning up on organizational radars, but how do we know what works, what works best, why it works, and when it fails? There are a lot of provider organizations selling what they think works, but there isn't much scholarly research to back it up. This study seeks to provide some clarity, and some answers, around what the "real" impact is and the "real" best practices are. If your organization would like to participate or become a sponsor of the research, please contact me. The Research Overview is attached below.
Chris Labash,
May 24, 2014, 8:12 AM