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I read, review, and recommend tons of books, videos, and other material, both in and out of my classes, and here's a list of a number of them. You can sort by title, author, or the course or general area they're associated with. Some titles are listed more than once because I use them for multiple courses. By the way, I leave the articles off to save space, so "The Art of the Start," for example, will be listed simply as "Art of the Start."

I keep adding to this all the time, so check back for new stuff. Clicking on the title will link to the item's page in my Amazon Store, so if you want immediate gratification you can purchase the item, well, immediately. And as I say on the "StuffChrisLikes" page, be aware that while you get all the usual Amazon savings, I also make money (that I use to buy more books, of course) from your purchase since I'm part of the Amazon Associates program. So hey, thanks.
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TitleAuthorCourse or AreaComment
Ace the IT Job Interview Moreira, Paula Professional Speaking One of the best books on ace-ing any interview. 
Art of the Start Kawasaki, Guy Consulting Communications The Bible for starting anything. 
Back of the Napkin Roam, Dan Innovation + Technology A great book on visualization techniques. 
Blink Gladwell, Malcom Professional Speaking A primer on the power of quick impressions. 
Confessions of a Public Speaker Berkun, Scott Professional Speaking Personal view of what it's like to be a professional speaker. Great book. 
Confidence Kanter, Rosabeth Moss Professional Speaking A great book about demeanor, character, and moving forward. 
How To Be A Star At Work Kelley, Robert Professional Speaking Good strategies backed by good research on how to stand out in any organization. 
How To Run A Meeting Jay, Anthony Professional Speaking This one article is worth the price of the whole HBR book. 
How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci Michael Gelb Innovation + Technology C'mon, it's Leonardo. Great book on the man and the way he worked. 
Informal Balmond, Cecil Innovation + Technology An engineer with wonderful vision, Balmond's sketches alone are worth the time and money. 
Innovators Solution Christensen, Clayton Innovation + Technology Another great book by Christensen on the nature and practice of innovation. 
Interviewing Skills Hindle, Tim Professional Speaking A good but very brief overview of some essential interviewing skills. 
Making Things Happen Berkun, Scott Consulting Communications Real-world project management. One of the best books on it you'll read. 
Myths of Innovation Berkun, Scott Innovation + Technology See what you think you know about innovation that's wrong. 
Presentation Zen Reynolds, Garr Professional Speaking An elegant little book that'll help you make elegant presentations. 
Seven Slide Solution Kelly, Paul Professional Speaking Not one of my favorites, but there are some good nuggets. 
The Art of Innovation Kelley, Tom Innovation + Technology Yes, he's the founder's brother, but Kelley's book about IDEO's process is a great read. 
The Brand You 50 Peters, Tom Consulting Communications I love all of Tom's books. This series is short, to-the-point, and inspiring. 
Thoughtless Acts Suri, Jan Fulton Innovation + Technology IDEOs head of Human Factors Design shows you how to see possibility. 
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