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For Scott Lankford's e34 class at Foothill 

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Apocalypse Now Review 

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Towards the end of Le Samourai, when he realizes his fate is doomed the protagonist Jef Costello says "I never lose. Never really". I feel that when examining film-either the viewing or making of it, this phrase definitely applies. There is no loss in trying. There is no loss in giving. It is an intrinsically rewarding experience-every failure comes with a lesson, and every dark cloud has a silver lining. There have been countless times when I made a short for school or for pleasure which I thought was sub-par; the acting was weak, the dialog sucked, etc. etc. Yet, I always learned something from these mistakes. I learned how to look out for better acting, coach my actors, write a better script. When watching movies, even bad ones, I learn something. I can better understood what it is that drew me to movies in the first place, and I can better understand what I look for in movies and what audiences will look for in mine.

In this eportfolio, I will seek to explain my passion for film in several different ways. I'll talk about why I started liking movies in the first place, how that interest has developed, and where that interest is going. I'll show some examples of previous work of my own in addition to feature films I admire. I will add appropriate commentary to these, but it may be light in the interest of having the work speak for itself. First I will post a review for a film that I published in the 8th grade, then I will post a trailer from the scene of my favorite film. Following those two, I will show a small short I made for a Production class at Foothill. And lastly, I will make a page about my self-reflection over the years and "connect the dots" if you will.

And interestingly enough, I feel that film definitely mirrors my academic journey. I don't necessarily mean this in the literal sense of me going to film school, but as my interest in film developed I became a more involved student. As I come to learn more about myself by watching movies, I learned more about myself as a student. I hope that this eportfolio can shed some light on that internal and educational progress and that it is enjoyable to read.

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