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in order of appearance

concept by — Billy Rennekamp
jdfsaifjiasjfdea — bryan dropped my camera!!! XD
runescape1321 — ‪my x-treme xg-470 gas scooter in action part 2‬
goopy6778 — i dropped my camera in the pool!
KhenaKara — ‪iPhone 3GS dropped in the pool. Still works!‬
ldj5000 — ‪iStrich‬
esaigehttobread — ‪Dropped iPHONE!!!!!‬
kennyINFERNO — Camera Throw
[ooploads*] oops
[ooploads*] camera drop video
dancingtomusic123 — I dropped my camera, guys!
malia2446 — I didn't know It was recording!
jujubebela — oops we dropped the camera
squonk45674112 — Throwing Camera Out of 2nd Story Window
TyrantStudios — Just Don't Die!
bcooperb — Jumping on the trampoline in the Rain
jankstarrk — Camera in the Air: Part 2
PhunnyPharmer — FPV Trex 450 Helicopter sky high - JB Aletky
Gabriel2584 — ‪FPV RPV na varanda - FPV on the balcony‬
ssjpui — Almost dropped $500 Camera from a Rollercoaster
viperx21 — ‪deadmau5 @ Electric Zoo, NYC - 9/5/2009 - Part 8‬
kimmygibblerlives — crowd surfing
IMBRITTNY — Whitney Crowd Surfing
bloomutoday — Fireworks hits camera man
bigdumbdane — Dropping camera down an old well
TheeiPwn — Original iPhone drop video
TStaff — Camera Throwing One
azoazotube — AZO's point of view (real life Mirror's Edge)
onhollieday — Camera inside waterslide with 3D holograms
dovetastic — Throwing my digital camera in a salt mine crystal pool
slainerf — snorkeling 12
catcam92 — JUMPING IN THE POOL (With the camera)
michaelbayona — Dropping my camera into the Virgin River
bhcutie10 — at the parkk
juanparadox — ‪Attack Attack! Warped Tour '09 Orlando‬
VincentFunk — Camera Hit By Train
jankstarrk — Camera Free Fall
p51delta — On Board Camera Downhill Sledding with Emily !!!
thx guys

*Original video removed from YouTube; reupload at ooploads account.
All clips culled from YouTube; protected under Fair Use.