IrrPhysx Download

To develop with IrrPhysx you require the following items:

- The IrrPhysx SDK (found below)
- Irrlicht 1.4.2
- Nvidia Physx 2.8.1
- Nvidia System Software 8.06.12

You should also read the Nvidia Physx EULA so that you understand the requirements/restrictions of using Physx.

For Irrlicht 1.4.2:
IrrPhysx SDK 0.2 (12mb)
IrrPhysx 0.2 Game Example (3mb)

For Irrlicht 1.5:
IrrPhysx SDK 0.2 (12mb)
IrrPhysx 0.2 Game Example (3mb)

If the above links do not work for you (apparently not accessible in China) then use  please email me and I'll sort out alternative links.


Included in the SDK is the Physx game installer which is required to be installed before Physx applications will run, this is like a limited version of the Physx system software which is only required for development, not for running Physx applications (though if you have the system software you don't require the game installer).