A Physx wrapper for Irrlicht

Whilst developing on PS3 I used Physx and got rather cosy with it so I decided that it would be my physics engine of choice on PC too. I noticed that there weren't really any 'easy' to use wrappers/integrations with Irrlicht (there were tutorials and other ones which seemed to require rather large changes and code duplication) so I thought I'd have a go at writing a simple to use wrapper.

The idea of this wrapper is to completely abstract away the Physx SDK from the user so they needn't get down and dirty with it. Instead they just have to use my simple interface. This should prove pretty useful for people not used to physics engines and external libraries but may not be so useful for people wanting to get really ambitious with their physics, at least not in its current state.

Better at speaking Russian than English? IrrPhysx user 6opoDuJIo has setup a Russian IrrPhysx community at