Chris Mash 

I'm the lead developer at MyOxygen, in Bristol, developing mobile apps for businesses such as Clarks, NHS, South Western Ambulance Service and so on.

Previously I worked for FreeStyleGames on the DJ Hero series and SiNG for WiiU. And before that for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe on PlayStation development.

I graduated from the University of Birmingham with a first class degree in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science.

The following is information about the links down the left side of this page:


The Games Industry is a collection of information people may find useful for getting a job in the games industry!

Commercial Projects is a collection of screenshots showing the commercial projects I worked on in the games industry. This includes menu interfaces for the Official PlayStation Magazines whilst at SCEE and DJ Hero and SiNG Party whilst as FreeStyleGames.

Alestorm is a game that started out as a cartoon, tin can alley style shooter for the Scottish Pirate Metal band Battleheart on PC (using C++ and Irrlicht). Battleheart since changed their name to Alestorm and signed to Napalm Records and the game was then developed on PS3.

IrrAI is an AI module I initially began developing for the Irrlicht graphics engine to aid Christian Clavet's The First King project and it has been released as an open source module for all Irrlicht users.

IrrPhysx is a wrapper to allow easy use of the Physx physics engine by Nvidia in the Irrlicht graphics engine.

Irrlicht Extensions are a collection of extensions i've written for the Irrlicht graphics engine.

Gaming Resources is a collection of useful websites which provide models, textures etc

Johnny 5 Must Die is a first person shooter game involving the Johnny 5 character from the film Short Circuit. This game evolved from my Uni dissertation project.

TilesGame is a simple 3D version of the N-Puzzle game.


DirWriter is a tool I made to make my wife's life easier documenting online directory structures. Basically allows you to produce a nice HTML page showing the structure of a directory you've defined yourself manually or imported from your HDD.