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“Green is the new red, white and blue.” --  Thomas Friedman



“Conservation and efficiency are the fastest, cleanest, cheapest way to meet our energy needs. You don't have to build new power plants or pump pollution into the air. We can do it right now. Right away.”

 Craig Noble


I recommend that you down load the spreadsheets and save them. The formatting gets goofed up on Google Docs. They should print to one page. There are some higher level calculations that may have been corrupted, I'll be looking into the WAP module specifically to see if I can fix that. 

Update: Download the spreadsheets to your computer and the formulas work. The formatting for merged cells has issues, you can adjust those.

I am looking for another place to stick those spreadsheets, so that you can just download them.


Your basic all purpose home auditing worksheet


I designed a building data calculator that calculates all the different numbers for a house:

Building Airflow Standard based on ASHRAE 62.2-2007

Ventilation Rates based on ASHRAE 62.2-2007

NYS WAP Ventilation Standards

It will calculate the airsealing targets affect on the CAZ depressurization. 

Home Performance Version    Calculator with NYS WAP Module



Stack effect.

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 Everything here is free. These tools have built over the years to speed the audit process and simplify work. If you find them helpful, I am always glad to receive a small donation in return.

contact me: chris[dot]housedoctor[at]gmail[dot]com


Comeback soon as I'll be posting more things here for everyone.