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San Francisco

History, Art, Culture, and Stewardship of the Non-Touristy San Francisco

April 3, 4, 5, and 6, 2018
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Room 25: April 3 to 6, 2018

SF Destinations, April 2018

Room 25: April 3 to 6, 2018

 Day 1: Tuesday, April 3 Day 2: Wednesday, April 4 Day 3: Thursday, April 5 Day 4: Friday, April 6



AT&T (Lance)
South Beach Harbor
Rincon Hill
MLK waterfall & wall
Union Square
Grace Cathedral
Cable Car Museum
Chinatown (PandaMaya)
Washington Square
North Beach
Coit Tower (AlexWinston)
Levi's Plaza
Alcatraz (ZachAndres)
Embarcadero/ F-Line
 Fort Mason buildings
Fort Mason battery
Exploratorium External
10,000 Year Clock
Marina & Chrissy Field
Palace of Fine Arts (Aine)
Presidio Letterman District
Presidio Main Post (Dom)
Presidio Museum (Chris)
National Cemetery
Golden Gate Bridge (Yaseen)
Muni Bus 28 to...
Stow Lake boats
Botanical Gardens (Avani)
Koret Playground
Haight District
Muni Bus 43
 Aquatic Park (BitanyaBetina)
Maritime Museum
Hyde Street Pier 9:45
Fisherman's Wharf
Musee de Mechaniq
The Dungeon?
Pier 39
Pier 7 & Bay Bridge info (Ben)
*TransAmerica Building
*Wells Fargo History Museum
*SF Private-Public Open Spaces
GG Transit Bus 30
Lombard Street
Ghirardelli Square (BB)
(*or 4:00 ferry to Sausalito & bus 10)
 SF Muni bus 49
Civic Center
War Memorial Opera House
Symphony Hall
SF City Hall 11-11:45
United Nations Plaza
SF Library

9th Circuit Court Building
Market Street Theatres
Westfield Mall
Bus 14 to Mission District
Mission District murals (EnE)
Mission Dolores Park
The Castro (ArianaKiya)

LightRail J & K to 
 Food Brk: home
 Lun:  bag lunch (home)
 Dinn: pizza, salad, bread
 Brk: theirs & our extras
Lun: sandwich & snacks
Din: taco - burrito bar
 Brk: theirs & our extras
 Lun: sandwich & snacks
 Din: pasta and salad bar
 Brk: theirs & our extras
 Lun: bag lunch & taqueria
 Din: home


Room 25 SF Trip, Feb 2016


Room 25 SF Itinerary, Feb 2016

Student Docents

  2018 Class of 2017 Class of 2016
 Maps/geography (regions, grids, hills)   
 Bridges (Bay & GG) Benjamin Thomas, Jason 
 Cable cars, trolleys, streetcars, subways Bruce Jacob, Lena 
 The Islands (Alcatraz, Angel, Treasure) Andres & Zach = Alcatraz
 Amiri (Alcatraz) 
 Earthquakes Samek Ken, Rianna, MicHael  
 SF Before the Gold Rush   
 SF During the Gold Rush Josh Will, Parth, MichaelM 
 Botanical Gardens Avani  
 Embarcadero & The Wharf  Nicole 
 Hippies & The Haight Ashbury  Danchi, Taika, Aidan 
 LGBT & The Castro Ariana & Kiya Danchi, Taika, Aidan
 Seacliff Coastline Samek & Winston  
 The Presidio Dominick & Chris Andre, Nicole, Chris 
 Palace of Fine Arts Aine  
 Art: Graffiti, sculpture, murals Emma & Elizabeth Taran, Gwen, Karina 
 Chinatown Maya Maya Tuisku, Kinsey, Audrey
 Telegraph Hill & Coit Tower Winston & Alex  Naya, Theodor, Lesley, Liam, Nate
 Aquatic Park, Ghiradelli, Hyde St Pier Bitanya & Betina Caedon 
 Water Adi  
 Homeless Jamie  
 Tech Companies & Gentrification  Neha, Max 
 Community Activism   
 Public Transportation Hayden & Andy  
 Golden Gate Prominade Elliot  
 UCSF Avani  
 AT & T Park Lance  
 SF Zoo

Student Tour-Guide Slides

Learning About San Francisco

Room 25 (for the SF and Marin portion, 2014): 
  1. Chinatown & North Beach: Tuisku, Kinsey, Audrey (3)
  2. Cable CarsHistory (Avi, Rara); Trolleys (Hunter, Addie, Luka); Underground (Russell)
  3. Coit Tower: Naya, Theodor, Lesley, Liam, Nate (5)
  4. Embarcadero & Fisherman's Wharf: Elise, Gabi, Katy, Alec (5)
  5. Presidio & Palace of Fine Arts: Prerna, RyanS, Oscar (3)
  6. Coastal Trail: Ali, Devan, RyanC, Lukas (5)
  7. North Point (Maya), Hyde Street Pier, Ghiradelli
  8. Russian Hill and Lombard Street


SF Transit Itinerary

Scooter Health

LightRail: Winchester Station to Diridon Station (7:45 to 7:57)
Caltrain:  Train 329 San Jose to San Francisco (8:04 to 9:11)
SF Muni Routes:  
F-line streetcar (Market & Embarcarero)
28: Marina Safeway to GG Bridge to GG Park (and back)
49: Van Ness Fisherman's Wharf to Civic Center
14: Mission
43: Haight to Marina Safeway
J: Dolores Park to Market(s), K or T to CalTrain

Transportation Costs

Packing List

San Francisco Packing List

Information & Permission Letter

SF Trip Info and Permission Letter

Room Assignments

SF Room Configuration

Parent Help

Parent Schedule

Thomas comes to DCS anytime and kids load gear into his van.

Marie & Bruce drives Thomas' house and leaves her car there.
Thomas drives Marie, Bruce, and Betina to Winchester.
Marie and Chris and the kids do train to SF. 
Thomas drives to SF Tuesday, leave car at hostel and join us on our route (bus or Uber).

Thomas and Marie stay through the day.
Sherri and Pooja arrive Wednesday night in Pooja's car.  
Marie drives Thomas' van back on Wednesday night.
Thomas stays or returns (his choice).

Pooja and Sherri (and Thomas?) chaperone Thursday

Pooja drives the gear back (anytime), meeting at Winchester at 5:30.
Sherri (and Thomas?) chaperone Friday and take train back.

(from 2016) Luggage Drivers: 
1. Arrive at Winchester Transit Center in Campbell at 7:10 on Tuesday, parking close to the train as possible.
2. I will load a cooler and a box or two of food into your car
3. When cars arrive I'll ask the kids to bring their luggage to you and keep their day packs
4. Parents who have food will also load it into your car
5. Our LightRail train departs at 7:43
6. You don't have to be at the hostel in Fort Mason until 5:30
7. IF any kid misses our departure, would you be willing to bring them up to SF with you?

SF to SJ
1. Arrive at hostel in Fort Mason at about 8:30 on Friday morning.
2. Kids will bring their luggage out to your van and I'll bring leftover food
3. You're free for the day
4. Arrive at the Safeway parking lot across from Winchester Transit Center at 5:15ish
5. Unload luggage if you like (maybe in a free spot next to your car)
6. Parents can get the kids luggage while they are waiting
7. When we arrive via LightRail at 5:25, we'll cross the street and kids find parents

Directions to Hostel
2. After the tunnel take the exit (101 south) towards the marina
3. 101 becomes Lombard (or you can take Marina Blvd to Laguna, to Bay)
4. Left at Franklin which goes through the gate and becomes Fort Mason.
5. Left on Funston Road puts you right in front of the hostel (by the big grass field)

Letter to Parent Chaperones
Instructions for luggage drivers:
280 north to SF, taking 19th Avenue & Park Presidio drive & Veteran's Boulevard towards Golden Gate Bridge (those 3 streets are all "the same", sequential route through SF)

Hello Moira and Greg,
First of all, thank you very much for being willing to spend a week with us in San Francisco. Unlike most DCS trips, this one has only 2 chaperones per class, so your involvement and interactions might be more frequent, demanding, and necessary than normal.

Structure of the Trip:
Each day we will cover a different region of SF, getting from place to place by walking or public transit. I have been learning a whole bunch of new things about SF this past week and am eager to share that with the kids, but I'm also depending on them to explain the parts that they researched.

Chaperone Responsibilities:

1. On Tour: Please help us keep the group together, counted, attentive, and engaged. Round up stragglers, shush talkers (during instruction), and engage the disengaged if possible. Help us to keep the kids environmentally-appropriate (ha, my term). In other words, quiet in museums, courteous on buses, and playful/active during games and park time.

2. Around Hostel: The 8th grade beast (and group) is an unpredictable entity. We don’t know if and when they will be totally mellow and need no external control, and when they will be hyper, irresponsible, and/or needy and thus need our intervention. Our default should be to let the students be independent and worthy of trust and autonomy. When the class gets back from their day’s activities they will have free time and run of the hostel and grass area out front. Please monitor your room (see website for room list), but you don’t need to stay there the whole time. The kids have to be in their own rooms by 9:30 and lights out at 10.

3. Meals & Clean Up: The hostel provides a free but small breakfast upstairs in “Cafe Franco”. We will be making a supplemental breakfast downstairs each day. On Wednesday and Thursday and Friday I will also be setting up a “sandwich bar” for the kids to make a bag lunches. I'm going to get groups of kids to help for each of the dinners, and this will include food prep, serve-line prep, and clean up.

4. General: You all know all of these kids very well, so we are counting on you to be assertive, proactive, and take positive action whenever you see fit. I trust your judgement so there is no need to get approval (or whatever) from me before you step in with a common-sense action that you see necessary.​

Here are some chaperone responsibilities that I wrote for the Walkabout that seemed to work well and apply:
Help assure student safety and accountability. Keeping the kids aware of their surroundings as well as responsive to instructions.
Constant head-counter and kid-herder. We need to always know where every kid is and they need to know where you are.
Selective student engagement and separation. Knowing when to step in and engage kids with their env't, and when to leave them alone.
To know the route, to assemble groups, and to keep in touch with us and each other via cell phone.


  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 Breakfast home theirs + eggs, bacon, waffles theirs + eggs, bacon, waffles theirs + eggs

 Lunch bag lunch from home sandwiches (bag lunch) sandwiches (bag lunch) make your own salad
 Dinner out or delivered Mexican food bar Pasta bar home

SF Meal Planning


SanFracramento Budget

To Do Lists

SF Discussion and ToDo Lists

Resources/ToDo (this list is outdated; see discussion document)
  1. call SF Muni about bus 10, 8x, 22, 28, 30, 47, and 49 for school groups
  2. call Marina Safeway about meat pre-orders for lunches for 3 days
  3. try to get a printed verson of the SF Muni system map

Photos & Article

DCS 8 to San Francisco

Previous Years

Room 25: April 3-6, 2018
Room 29:  Fall, 2016
Room 26: April 11 to 14, 2017
Room 25:  May 8-11, 2017

Room 25, February 23, 24, 25, 26, 2016
Room 29: March 22 to 25, 2016
Room 26: April 12 to 15, 2016
2015 Trip (insert map here)
Green = bus routes
Blue & circles = Heumann route
Red & stars = Leftwich route
Brown & diamonds = Dowling route
The information below is for the January 2015 trip:
This is a 4 day (3 night) trip that will take us to SF to get to know the city's more hidden features and significance.  Each day a group of 25 kids will participate in a schedule of activities and explorations designed by their peers and facilitated by a teacher.  The kids rotate in homeroom groups to a different route each day, but the teachers will remain the host for their homeroom's route.  The whole 8th grade will be together in the evenings and overnights, and we'll all take the ferry to Alcatraz together for the final day.  The activities are designed to be non-tourist-ish, uncovering some of the more historical, cultural, and artistic aspects of San Francisco.  Transportation will be by public transit (VTA, CalTrain, Muni) and lots of walking.  

Overview Itinerary
Tuesday, January 20:
7:20 Parents drop off kids at Winchester Station
7:43 Lightrail to Diridon Station then quick dash to the 8:03 Caltrain bullet to SF
9:00 Each homeroom class does their own tour of a certain area of SF
5:30 Classes arrive at Fort Mason Hostel & get luggage and rooms
6:30 Dinner & clean-up
10:00 Bedtime

Wednesday & Thursday
8:00 Breakfasts
9:00 Depart hostel & spend the day doing the tour of a one of the other homerooms
        Explanation:  on the first day, each class too the route that they designed.  On the next two days, each class will do the tours that the other two classes created, hosted by that (not their) class' homeroom teacher.  So, Mr. Heumann will always guide the Presidio tour, with his own room on Tuesday and then with the other two classes on Wednesday and Thursday.  Similarly for the other two teachers.
5:30 Return to hostel and same as above

same as above, but the whole 8th grade tours Alcatraz from 10-2
2:00 Levi Plaza & walk (or bus to Caltrain depot)
4:09 to 5:08 Caltrain bullet #360
5:12 to 5:25 Light rail 902 from Diridon to Winchester
5:30 Parents pick up in Safeway parking lot at Winchester & Budd

Which classes will be with which teachers on which days
  Dan Chris Susan
 Tues 2925 22 
 Wed 2522 29 
 Thurs 2229 
Room 22 (and Sarah and Fernando) will go with Susan on Tuesday, Chris on Wednesday, and Dan on Thursday
Room 25 (and Padma and Alan) will go with Chris on Tuesday, Dan on Wednesday, and Susan on Thursday
Room 29 (and Ann-oreena and Michael will go with Dan on Tuesday, Susan on Wednesday, and Chris on Thursday

Chaperone Information
January 2015:
Sarah & Fernando travel with room 22, 
Padma & Alan travel with room 25, 
Anne/Amoreena and Michael travel with room 29

Luggage Drivers
Room 22:  Lisa to SF on Tuesday, and Veronica from SF on Friday
Room 25: Alejandro to SF on Tuesday and from SF on Friday
Room 29: Anne to SF on Tuesday and Dalisey from SF on Friday

Instructions for luggage drivers: 
7:10 to 7:45 AM Luggage cars should be in the parking lot at the Winchester Transit Center. Kids will put their luggage in your cars and then load the lightrail.
5:00 to 6:00 PM Cars should outside the front of the hostel (directions). Kids will get their luggage out of your car when they arrive from the day's walks.

8:00 to 8:30 AM Cars should be out front of the hostel and kids will come load their luggage.
5:30 to 6:00 PM Cars should be at the Safeway across from the WInchester Transit Center.