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Question -- Research -- Create -- Present
This unit on China is driven by your insightful and intelligent curiosity.  Please read and follow the instructions below and be mindful of the dates.
1. Post a few questions on this form(12/17)
2. In class we sort the questions into categories and divide into groups of common interest (12/18)
3. Meet with your group and write 3 or more questions per person (shown below)
4. Create a G-doc, copy your own questions to it, and share it with me and anyone with the link (can view) (1/21)
5. Find information that can be used to understand and answer your questions
6. Post information to your document, including text (yours) and related images (1/21 to 1/28)
7. Decide upon and then create an "artifact" or "thing" that you will use to enhance your presentation (≠doc, ppt, vid, sites, etc)
8. Plan how you will explain your questions and what you learned (1/27-1/30)
9. Teaching sessions begin 1/31 and we'll do whole-class presentations (as needed) for 1st part of the period, then small group for the rest

China Question-Research-Build-Teach

Websites About China