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Personal Interest Team Study

Overview:  This project gives you the time, structure, and support to
  • identify a topic of personal interest, 
  • learn more about it, 
  • share your learning 
  • share your curiosity about other people's topics
  • to inform, intrigue, and inspire others.
Here are the steps:

Phase 1:  Choice
Make sure that your slides are up to date and on this spreadsheet.
Choose one that you want to investigate & do something with.
Enterainment (with Gina)
    1. Gabi on Marvel Comics
    2. Olivia on Ansel Elgort
    3. Maya on Disney Movies
Mechanics (with SoonHee)
  1. Sebastian on off road vehicles
  2. Sean on maglev trains
  3. Lukas on steam engines
  4. Vaibhav on RVs
Mysteries (with Erika)
  1. Brian on symbols in currency
  2. Paola on the Bermuda Traingle
  3. Avi on The Illuminati
  4. Naya on Coding
Music: (with Maureen)
  1. Addie on Arctic Monkeys
  2. Tuisku on the cello
  3. Yorsabell on Paramore
  4. Khael on Beats
  1. (with Pilar)
  1. Ali on nuclear power
  2. Theodor on ball point pens
  3. Luka on swords
  4. Jax on gas pumps
  5. Tom on touch screens
Miscellaneous (with Chris)
    1. Joaquin on bears
    2. Juliana on gender discrimination
    3. Hannah on caffeine
    4. Eliki on natural disasters
    5. Aiden on sneezes
Phase 2: Research
  1. Start a document or presentation or site (or other)
  2. Link from the right row/column in this spreadsheet to your doc from step 1
  3. Start your research!  Add answers to your questions and add more "better" questions as you go.
  4. Meet with your group and discus your topic (what you know, why curious, and the questions)
Phase 3: Team Study (weekly routine)
  1. explain to your group what you have found out so far
  2. respond to questions
  3. decide on your topics or questions for further study
Phase 4: Presentations
  1. think of a creative and entertaining way to teach others about your topic
  2. this time, the presentation has to involve 1 or 2 other people
    interview, act-it-out, simulation (play), etc
  3. a presentation can be on two people's topics or just one
  4. Schedule:
    3/23: Vaibhav, Jax, Paol/Avi
    3/30: Ali, Theodor, Naya, Hannah/Olivia, Lukas
    4/20: Luka, Maya, Khael/Addie/Yorsabell
    4/27: Tuisku, Sean, Julaina/Aiden/Eliki/Joaquin, Tom

Daily Schedules
Monday, January 26, 2015:  Phase 1
-update your curiosity slides (there should be 16 by now) and the spreadsheet
-write down a topic of personal passion
-Chris & parents will form the groups

Monday, February 2, 2015:   Phase 2
-update your curiosity slides (there should be 17 by now) and the spreadsheet-write down your initial questions
-meet with your group and advisor and share questions and ask for others