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Personal Interest Maker Project

Overview:  This project gives you the time, structure, and support to
  • identify a topic of personal interest, 
  • learn more about it, 
  • build something, 
  • share your learning 
  • to inform, intrigue, and inspire others.
Here are the steps:

Phase 1:  Choice
  1. Make sure that your slides are up to date and on this spreadsheet (mdk8).
  2. Choose one that you want to investigate & do something with.
  3. Write out a set of 5 good, big, and important questions.
  4. Discuss your topic and questions and ideas with one of the advisors <-- you should be here on 10/6
    Gina: Olivia, Naya, Tuisku, Theodor, Aiden
    Erika: Brian, Tom, Addie, Maya, Sebastian
    SoohHee: Sean, Vaibhav, Lukas, Ali, Hannah
    Chris: Joaquin, Avi, Khael, Eliki, Luka, Jax
Phase 2: Research
  1. Start a document or presentation or site (or other)
  2. Link from the right row/column in this spreadsheet to your doc from step 1
  3. Start your research!  Add answers to your questions and add more "better" questions as you go.
  4. Meet with your advisor while showing them the doc and discussing your topic (not just the questions) <-- should be here 10/20
Phase 3: Building
  1. design & materials & to-do list <-- should be here 11/3
Phase 4: Presentations
Dec 4 (Thurs) Juliana, Vaibhav, Joaquin
Dec 8  (Mon)  Yoursabell, Gabi, Ali, Aiden, Lukas, Paola, Brian
Dec 15 (Mon)  Naya, Maya, Eliki, Hannah, Avi, Theodor
Dec 18 (Thurs)  Luka, Lukas, Sean, Khael

Daily Schedules
Monday, December 1, 2014:  
-update your curiosity slides (there should be 13 by now) and the spreadsheet
-sign up for a demonstration/presentation day

Monday, November 17, 2014:
-you should be done with research and working on the "Maker" part and the presentation
-discussion with advisor (and written on paper)
1. what have you learned that you didn't already know?
2. what did your research make you wonder that is still a mystery (to you)?
3. what project ideas have you had and which have you chosen?
4. what steps have you done so far regarding construction
5. sign up for a presentation spot (6 people per day @ 10 min. each) for December 1, 8, 15