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Info Graphic

Informational Graphics are carefully designed to make statistic and other data much more appealing and understandable.  They involve supplementing and supporting data with graphics.

Examples & Other Resources:
  1. a paper version (kids online)
  2. dailyinfographic
  4. Cool Infographics:
  6. InfoGraphics Archive:
  7. 40 Must-See Examples:
  10. Choosing a Chart Format:
  11. Kathy Schrock's Guide... ultimate resource!
  12. Numberphile video on Napolean's "invasion" of Russia

  13. Services:  Canva, Vennage, Piktochart, Easelly, Visme, Infogram, VisualizeMe
The Process:

Phase 1:  Overview and Ideas (March 30 & 31, 2014)
  1. Overview of InfoGraphics and view many many samples (
  2. Open this "Exploring Infographics" template, make your copy, and fill it in.
  3. Write down 8 or more topics that interest you as well as the data that they might involve
  4. Print out that document and discuss it with me
Phase 2:  Research Data, Choosing Application and Starting Document (Wednesday, April 2, 2014)
  1. Do research and gather data some for one (or more) of the topics from phase 1
  2. Create an initial sketch for your infographic, including a few components and showing a general idea for the layout.
  3. Enter information about your infographic onto this spreadsheet (mdk8 sign-in). Results are here.
  4. Start creating your project.
Phase 3:  Create, Refine, and Print (and/or link to) your InfoGraphic (due April 28, 2014)
  1. Open PowerPoint, GoogleDoc Drawing, Keynote, Pages, or a graphics program (Photoshop, InDesign)
  2. Gather graphics and other assets, store them in a folder.
  3. Place graphics and text onto document
  4. Keep a list of the sources
Infographic Analysis Essays (link is viewable via your mydiscoveryk8 account)

Room 25 Infographics

Diigo Collection on Infographics