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Assignment Redo

Overview: If you get a score less than 80% on any assignment (less than 4/5, 8/10, 12/15, or 16/20), you can redo the assignment and get a higher score if you follow these steps and submit your work the day before the unit closes.

1. Review your original assignment to find out which problems you missed or which sections you scored low on.
2. Take a piece of lined paper and write the following for each missed problem:

Q: Write out the whole question (not the instructions).

A: Write the answer to the question

R: Write the reason why the answer is right (short explanation)

3. Write "redone" and the date at the top of the original assignment and staple the lined paper with redone answers as a back page.
4. Turn in the papers to the "black bin" for that assignment..
5. When you receive the REDO back from me, the new score (80%) should be written in a triangle near (or instead of) the original score.

The purpose of this REDO option is to provide you with a "second chance" to learn the topic (or show mastery). If an assignment can't be done in the above format (because it contains pictures, or too many fill-ins), then it is up to you to redo it in a comparable way that shows time, effort, and understanding.