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Class Atmosphere and Expectations: We have an atmosphere that is fair, enjoyable, productive, and pushes your current abilities. Good behavior and mutual respect make things run smoothly and with a friendly tone.

1. Seating: You may choose where you sit as long as your choice does not interfere with your learning, my ability to teach, or the rights of others.

2. Attention: I expect you to listen when I am speaking and I will do the same for you. When working alone or in groups keep yourself on-task.

3. Courtesy: All students have a right to their opinions and perspectives. Please do not criticize others or stifle their willingness to say their views.

4. Reminders: Be responsible for your actions. Reminders cause removal from class, B.A.D. N.E.W.S. consequences.

5. Enjoy this class and feel free to contribute but please do not make yourself a disruptive center of attention or detract from the learning environment.

Assignments and Homework: I give homework assignments that require you to apply or extend information covered in class or prepare for the next lesson.

6. Homework must be completed by the beginning of class for full credit or by the end of the day for 80% credit. Confirm answers during class review.

7. Late work can be submitted for 10% credit reduction each day after the due date or 60% after it has been returned to others.

8. Low scoring assignments can be redone (Q.A.R. format) for 80% credit.

8. Students may work together on assignments as long as they contribute equally and both fully understand the material covered.

9. When you are absent you will have the same number of days as your absence to complete the work. Write A.R.T. dates and turn in to folder

10. Missing work is the most common cause of low grades. Use the missing work lists, no-name folder, daily pass back monitoring, and my grade book.

11. Help is available during class review or using the Personal Appointment chart.

12. Up-to-date grades can be calculated by dividing your points earned by the total points possible. You can always find out how well you are doing.

Grades, Packets, Parents, and Personal Organization: Your grades are based on a percentage scale for total points earned from homework, tests, participation and extra credit divided by the points possible.

13. Assignment list is updated daily and unit papers posted on the wall.

14. At the end of each unit, scores are totaled and work is put into packets to be commented on by student, teacher, and parents then returned in 2 days.

15. Parents will be contacted only if student and teacher can't come to agreement about behavioral or academic performance. Be your own boss.