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Get cover sheet
Get your papers out
Papers in order
Write location on cover (here, missing, with ______)
Paper Clip
Turn in

At the end of each unit in science, the students assemble their work into a packet, including notes, labs, assignments, and handouts.  The cover sheet shows grades and contains comments from the student, teacher, and parent.

The unit packets are the best way to find out about the course content and curricular materials. A few days after the end of each unit your child should bring home he unit packet for your review and signature. Although the packets are thick (20+ pages) it might be a good idea for you to ask your child about some of the assignments or maybe review the questions missed on the tests. The student knows that if they find errors in my correcting they can show them to me to get more points, so it is to their advantage as well as yours to review some portion of the materials.

Packet cover sheets contain the scores for all assignments and tests from the unit as well as individual comments from the student and me regarding their performance and/or the content of the unit. Please add any comments you have to the packet and send it back to class with your student. Those packets will be assembled into a book to be used (hopefully) concurrent to their continued science education