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In these years of fast-paced discovery, knowledge is growing at a fast rate and constantly changing the way we live. The things that you will learn in this class can help you understand the cutting edge of science, technology, and current events. Doing well in this class requires organization, effort, and a desire to think, collaborate, and learn. If those things are not already present in you, I will do my best to instill a strong sense of each throughout the year. This website will provide some excellent information and resources so browse often and dive deep.

Materials: You will be expected to bring the following to class every day:

1. A science binder (or section), pencils (some colored), pens and a highlighter.
2. All papers (assignments, readings, and handouts) in the current unit.

Behavioral Expectations: Class time is valuable; these guidelines minimize its waste:
1. Come to class prepared and willing to participate, learn, and be a part of the class.
2. Be in your seat and quiet at tardy bell and any time asked to do so during class.
3. Follow directions given by teacher, substitute, student, or written on the board.
4. Only one person should talk at a time during class. All views are worth hearing.
5. Concentrate & participate during class. Understand everything and ask questions.
6. Stay on-task and not disruptive. Appropriate actions are your responsibility.
7. Never let your actions get me in trouble -- I can do that myself, if I so choose.

Assignment Procedures:
1. Preview assignments before you leave school and ask questions if anything is unclear.
2. Set aside a half an hour of no-input homework or study time each night.
3. Complete homework neatly and attempt all portions of all assignments.
4. Use your resources if needed (web site, notes, books, friend, family, me -- in that order).
5. Examine your understanding and engage yourself; active learning is a hard but powerful process.

Assignment Credit:
For full credit all homework is to be completed by the beginning of class on the date due. Unfinished homework may be completed by the end of that day for 80% credit, and 60% late credit thereafter until the end of the unit (if absent, show A.R.T.** dates). Low scoring assignments can be redone (use Q.A.R.*** format). Unit packets must be signed by a parent within 2 days of being returned by me. Unit scores are online but daily grade sheets are available.