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Overview: Being away from school can put you behind in only a few days and make-up work can pile up quickly, so it is important that you work hard to complete make-up soon as well as keep up current assignments. Copies of many of the assignments are available online via the unit outline, but most of the content and explanations occur during class.  It is a good idea to call a friend to get a description of the daily events.  When you return to class follow these steps to get full credit on assignments:

1. Get needed assignments or handouts that you missed from the west wall and review them.

2. You have the same number of days that you were absent to complete the assignments and turn them in to the "black bins".

3. Get an Absence Label and write the A.R.T. dates on the sticker then adhere it to thpage by your name.

  • dates you were absent
  • date you returned
  • date you turned in the work

4.  If any of the assignments can not be made up (lab, video, quiz, etc.) you will be excused from the assignment and points available. Please put your name and the information from step 3 on a blank copy of the assignment or a sheet of binder paper and turn it to the "black bin".

5.  Tests usually don't require make-ups.