Unit 3: Work, Machines, and Energy
Chapter 8 -- Work and Machines (work and power / what is a machine / types of machines) Alina's notes and my notes.
Chapter 9 -- Energy and Energy Resources (what is energy / energy conversions / conservation of energy / energy resources)
Chapter 10 -- Heat and Heat Technology (temperature / what is heat / matter and heat / heat technology) My notes

The major topics for this unit all relate to the nature of energy and its many forms.  The first part deals mostly with the definitions of energy, work, and power and then involves the various uses of mechanical energy to analyze efficiency and advantage.  Next, we moved onto the "traditional" discussions of energy and explored (electrical) energy production, storage, transportation, use, and ecological impact.  The last part of the unit gave an interesting (and historical) perspective on the nature of heating and cooling.  As with most things in realm of the physical sciences, concepts that seem straight forward are often worthy of some in-depth exploration and understanding.
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