For this project, you will be investigating a machine (mechanical device) in order to better understand and appreciate how it works, investigate various types and factors of the machine, and communicating your understanding with an audience.

Phase 1:  Topic Choice, Initial Research, Page Set-up (Monday, 11/17/2014):
  1. To begin, browse chapter 8 in your Physical Science textbook, especially sections 2 and 3
  2. Browse some websites that show machines (preferably relatively simple ones) and how they work (see list below)
  3. Choose one machine that interests you and seems of reasonable complexity and personal challenge
  4. Create a page within the science section of your website and name it "Machine"
  5. Add a few (3+) links to websites that show or teach about your machine (they should open in a new window)
Phase 2:  Add Images, Explanations, and Interactions (Tuesday, 11/18/2014)
  1. Do an image search for a set of clear, large, and useful images, and add some to your page
  2. Add annotations or descriptions that relate to the pictures
    To put text next to an image, it is best to put the image and the text in a 2-cell table.  
    1. Edit mode
    2. "Table" to "insert"
    3. One row, two columns
    4. Put the image on left
    5. Type text on right
    6. If you want, click on "html" and set table border = to 0 instead of 1.

  3. Use ThinkLink to create interactive images (see instructions at bottom of this page)
Phase 3:  Add Introduction and Conclusion (Wednesday, 11/19/14)
  1. Write an inviting introduction and a thoughtful summary/conclusion
  2. Use a Google form to create a quiz that asks about things your page has taught and embed it.
Phase 4:  Publish your project (Thursday 11/20/14)
  1. If I haven't already, help me link your topic in the spreadsheet below.
  2. Present your project to an audience (in groups of 2 to 4) and have them take your quiz.
Grading Criteria:
  1. Webpage is located behind the school domain but viewable.  (2 points)
  2. Topic choice is within parameters (2 points)
  3. Three or more relevant websites listed and linked (2 points)
  4. Two or more images embedded into site (3 points)
  5. Images annotated in a way that shows knowledge of the machine (5 points)
  6. Introduction and conclusion (3 points)
  7. Quiz provided that has relevant questions of appropriate complexity (3 points)
Addie -- Camera
Aiden -- Nut crackers
Ali -- Secateurs
Eliki -- Pulley
Hannah -- Roller coaster
Jax -- Car brakes
Joaquin -- Pulleys
Juliana -- Polaroid Camera
Luka -- lock and key
Lukas -- Windmill
Olivia -- Cuckoo clock (the old non-electronic kind)
Paola -- Ferris wheel
Sean -- Cranes
Sebastian -- Ratchet (wrench)
Theodor -- Hydraulic pumps
Vaibhav -- Coffee maker
Yorsabell -- Record player

Machine Choices

Sample Topics
  1. Electric can opener
  2. Windshield wipers
  3. Bicycle gears
  4. Alarm clock (not digital)
  5. Steam engine
  6. Sewing machine
  7. Impact driver
  8. Vacuum cleaner
  9. Lock and key
  10. Crane
  11. Drawbridge
  12. Tractor
  13. Lawnmower
  14. Sailboat
Online Resources
  1. Cosi:
  2. Sewing Machine:
  3. How Stuff Works:
  4. EdHeads:
  5. MiKids:
  6. ASPIRE:
  7. Utah Schools:
  8. Exploratorium:

Embedding a ThingLink (annotated image) into a google site page (Instructions from a parent)

It took Minh and me a bit of time to figure out how to get it embedded in GSites.  If you haven't figured it out, I hope the following would help.
There is an extra step.

First, however, make sure that you have your cursor where you want the item to be embedded.
Instructions are finally found here

You have to add a new gadget to the site before you can use it

Once you have that gadget in place, a screen will pop up to ask that you paste in your <img> link.  This was generated when you click EMBED after you got done with your thinglink creation.
<img src=";626328886" width="535" class="alwaysThinglink" /><script async charset="utf-8" src="//"></script>