Interest-Driven Knowledge: Learning Because You're Curious

You choose the topic, you create the course of study, and you share your knowledge.

Ideas for November 2107:

IDK Idea List

Groups for January, 2014

The goal of these sessions is that you isolate an interest, create a workgroup, state your questions, expand your knowledge and revise your questions, then communicate your conclusions/concerns with others.  The process involves the following steps:

Groups & Topics
Ten Questions
Research & Realizations
Design Output & Activities
Teach & Engage
  1. Initial survey (brainstorm) topics of interest -- in homerooms.  Post results on this document. (Jan 21)
  2. Teachers decide on the 3 general themes and students fill in this online survey. (Jan 22)
  3. Create topics, groups, initial questions, and initial research (Jan 23 and 27) (November 5 and 7)
  4. Revise questions, deeper research, refine, synthesize (Feb 3, 4, and 10) (November 14)
  5. Presentation and activity formation (Feb 13, 24, 27) (November 18, 21, and December 2)
  6. Presentations/Lessons (Feb 24, 17, Mar 3) (December 5 and 9)
  7. Debrief and discuss suggestions for improvement for the next round of IBMCs

History Theme (7th grade)

History Topics

November-December, 2013

Current Events & Global Issues
  1. The government shutdown effect on kids (Brian) -- game
    1. what happened during the government shutdown?
    2. why did the government shutdown
    3. what did children lose during the government shutdown 
    4. did the government affect kids health
    5. could the children have learned something for the government shutdown
    6. do the children even care about the shutdown
    7. did certain programs stop running when the government shutdown 
    8. what did the government fund or did they not fund anything
    9. can the government keep children programs running still
    10. what kinds of things and places were actually shutdown and were there no taxes

  2. Trend-setting features of Apple products (Jared, Kinsey, Cris) -- parts & box
    1. What are the differences between the MacBook Pro and Air?
    2. What is the latest Apple devices?
    3. What is the difference between 
    4. What is a graphics card?
    5. What is a motherboard?
    6. How do you build a desktop?
    7. What is a hard drive?what is ram?

  3. Child labor and abuse (Addie, Hannah, Paola) ppt
    1. What is the definition of child labor vs child abuse?
    2. Why is child labor used even though it is "bad"?
    3. What are the laws regarding child labor, in this county and other countries?
    4. When and why did child labor become regulated/illegal in the US?
    5. Are child labor laws/regulations/policies being created in other countries?
    6. What are the statistics regarding child labor?

  4. Saving our world's ocean life (Alec, RyanC) -- swimmers
    1. What is hurting ocean life?
    2. What solutions do we have to help them?
    3. What is the death count and is it decreasing or going up?
    4. What animal has the least amount of population and why?
    5. What animals are the most affected
    6. How many sharks are killed worldwide?
    7. How many companies are helping ocean life and which ones are helping the most?
    8. What is trawling and why does this happen?
    9. How can we help nets not catch by catch?
    10. Whats TED?

  5. Current events in China (Luka, Hunter) -- 
    1. What is the rubber ducky in China?
    2. What is going on with the heat wave in China?
    3. What do kids in China think/assume about kids in the US?
    4. Why is China communist and what does that mean?
    5. is china going to get nuked by the north koians

  6. Invisible Children: Soldiers and Slaves (Prerna, Maya, Chelsey) -- Zaption: Joseph Kony
    1. Where/why/how are kids getting kidnapped, and by whom?
    2. Are child abductions are more common in Africa, and if so, why?
    3. What is being done to prevent this problem and what more can be done?
    4. What are the statistics on this problem (now, past, predicted)?
    5. Kony?
    6. Where is Kony located, and why can’t we just capture him? Why does Kony believe he is right? Is this part of his religious beliefs?
    7. How old was Kony when he started abducting and what are his intentions?
    8. Was Kony an orphan? Did he have a family? Where did he live as a child?
    9. Why do people in the LRA work for him? 
    10. Does Kony pay them or simply threaten to kill them?
  7. Submersibles that study deep sea creatures (Devan, Theodor) -- ppt
    1. How do submersibles work (design, power, features, functions, etc)?
    2. What are the statistics/records regarding submersibles?
    3. What are some recent innovations/inventions in submersible technology design and abilities?
    4. Where was the name submarine derived from?
    5. When was the submarine discovered and was it by accident?
    6. Why is most of the research done by the australian government? 
    7. How did the first submarine look like?
    8. Who discovered submarines and how?
    9. What will submarines hold in the future and how might it look look like?
    10. Will we ever have space submarines?

  8. Typhoon in the Philippines (Shradda) 

  9. Effects of fast food on the human body 1 (Yahya, Sean, Enrique, Gleb) -- ppt
    1. What kind of bad stuff is in McDonalds products
    2. What is the quality of the kitchens in which the food is made?
    3. What are the statistics on this issue?

  10. Effects of fast food on the human body 2 (Marc, Nate, Avi) -- ppt & samples
    1. What are the main ingredients in fast food that cause obesity?
    2. What are the effects and/or problems that fast food causes?
    3. When was fast food considered bad and why?
    4. How often does someone have to eat fast food to become obese?
    5. What is the science behind fast food?
    6. How and why did fast food become popular/famous?
    7. Whats the environment their food is being cooked in?
Epic Moments in History
  1. Assassination of John Lennon -- Khael, Rikesh, Ra-ra - 
  2. First cell phone/inception of iPhone -- Ali, Avi D, Sebastian
  3. Flight -- Logan
  4. Pee Wee Reese and Jackie Robinson -- Robby and Chase
  5. Battle of Britain -- Steven, Ryan, Ali, and Ryan 2- 
  6. 9/11 -- Juliana, Yorsabell, Gina- 
  7. Pearl Harbor -- Naya, Oscar, Lukas- 
  8. End of the Cretaceous Period  -- Elliot, Dakota Kevin- 
  9. ? -- Oliver, Eliki of Nick
  10. Discovery of the Theory of Relativity -- Naya & Riki

Interest-Based Mini Courses Selection 2013

Science & Technology (Heumann, September-October, 2013)
  1. Computer Programming (Tom, Dakota, Gleb)
  2. Computer Security (Liam, MJ)
  3. Rotorcraft (Yahya, Sean, Enrique, Devan)
  4. Gravity & Light (Juliana, Riki, Eula, Chase, Oscar)
  5. Bulletproofing (Ryan, Steven)
  6. 6. Building A Mac vs PC Computer (Jaxson, Jared)
  7. 7. Electromagnetic Technologies (Ali, Theodor)
  8. 8. Shark Finning (Lukas, Alec)

Sports & Games (West, September-October, 2013)
1. World Cup (Prerna, Hannah, Paola)

Arts (Vatannia, September-October, 2013)

Sports and Sciences (Winter, 2013):
1. Sign Language: Tatyanna, Jillian
2. Computers: Jason, Anthony, Jeffrey, Josh
3. Skateboarding: AlexS, Nicolas
4. Biology:  Karen, Zaynab
5. Parkour: Thomas, Minh, Makenna
6. Martial Arts:  Anish, JP, AlexC
7. Codes & Body Language:  Miranda, Allie, Ellie, Francesca
8. Environmental Issues:  J, Brian
10. Colonizing Space: Patrick, Parker, Anand
11. Threatened Language:  Katya
From other rooms:
1. Evolution of the Disney Princess (Gale, Kumi, Daria)
Day 1:
  1. Each person write a list of 5 things that interest you (within our theme)
  2. Circle the top 3 and then say them to the group and field questions.
  3. Get into groups of 2 or 3 or 4 and write names on the board
  4. Get 2 computers for your group
  5. Create a shared doc and invite me at
  6. Title of doc = topic of your group
  7. Write ten specific questions that you want to investigate

Spring, 2012:  Sports, Games, and Hobbies
Rubik's Cubes (Tony, Danny, Nate)
  1. What are they?
  2. How do you get so fast?
  3. What makes a good Rubik's cube?
  4. How do you develop a way to solve it?
  5. What varies between methods?
  6. What is the history of Rubik's Cubes?
  7. How to solve a Rubik's Cube?
  8. How to solve it blindfolded?
  9. What other ways can you solve it?
  10. What other kinds of cubes are there?

Call of Duty (Thomas, Alec, Kevin, Graham)
  1. Why it was made?
  2. How it changed?
  3. What are the differences between each Call of Duty?
  4. Why is Call of Duty so popular?
  5. Why are people so mean?
  6. Why do small kids play Call of Duty?
  7. Why is Call of Duty so popular?
  8. How did Call of Duty get so popular?
  9. Why do people like watching you play?
  10. Who started the youtube Call of Duty community?
  11. Does kill / death ratio define a player?

Ga-Ga Ball (Kyle, Khoi, Nikolai)
  1. What is Ga-Ga ball?
  2. Where did it come from?
  3. What are the rules to Ga-Ga ball?
  4. Where did you play it?
  5. Who plays it?
  6. What variations are there/could we make up?
  7. Is there an approach to the game?
  8. Do you need any extra equipment to play?
  9. Does fitness matter?
  10. What kind of ball do you need? 

SpongeBob SquarePants (James, Frankie, Dom)
  1. What is the history?
  2. What is the target audience?
  3. What is the type of humor?
  4. Who are the voices?
  5. How the idea was made up?
  6. What are the creators' history?
  7. What is Rule 63?
  8. Why is it popular?
  9. Did they get the idea from a dream?
  10. Type of humor?
  11. Why do almost all ages like it?
  12. Why does it sometimes have adult references even though it is a children's show?

Bossa Ball (Isaac, Kevin, Mason)
  1. What is Bossaball?
  2. Where did it come from?
  3. What are the rules to Bossaball?
  4. Where do you play it?
  5. Who can play it? 
  6. Do you need any extra equipment to play?
  7. Does fitness matter?
  8. What kind of ball do you need?
  9. What are the levels of play for Bossaball?
  10. How many players on each team?

Racial Slurs (Joshua & Jack)  
Evolution of Magic Cards (Michael H)
  1. Who is the creator?
  2. What is the current state of the game?
  3. How did the design of the cards evolve?
  4. What are the color of the cards?
  5. How do they work? 
Soccer (Micaylah) 100%
  1. Do you have to be in really good shape to play?
  2. How many times do you practice a week to be a really good soccer player?
  3. How long do you practice for to be a really good soccer player?
  4. What are some good soccer tactics?
  5. Can you play all positions?
  6. What can you do to be not afraid of the ball?
  7. Are there certain types of cleats or balls that make you run farther?
  8. What is the difference between forward/midfield?
  9. Do you need any special equipment to be a good player?
  10. How can you be a good player in general (fitness, good sport, etc)?

The Game of Life (Joey)
  1. What evolves?
  2. What year was it made?
  3. How was it thought up?
  4. Why people like it?
  5. What it is about?
  6. Who invented it?
  7. What is it like now compared to the past?
  8. Why was it made?
  9. Why is it fun?
  10. What audience is it for?

Spring, 2012:  Current Events and Continual Controversies 

Friday, March 18, 2011
  1. Get into groups again and get your poster
  2. Show me the questions
  3. Do research to answer your questions (and or find others)
  4. Decide on how you are going to communicate your results
  5. Organize your findings into the media you chose in step 4
Friday, March 11, 2011
The kinds causes, and effects of censorship:  Kevin, JoMo, Alex
Capitalism & SocioEconomics: Cade, Ted, Joshua, Rory (PPT)
What is the United States economy?
Animal Abuse: Hayden, Molly, Madi, Marisa
Why is animal abuse such a big problem?
Japan's Disasters: Jenna, Samir, Peter, Evan
What are the causes, effects, and aftermaths of the 2011 Japan earthquake?
The Black Gold: Disha, Riti, Zahra
What effect does foreign oil have on society?
Video Game Regulation: Martin, Parker
How do first-person shooter games effect kids, and what control should adults have over it?

Create a "poster" with the following things
  1. Title of Your Topic
  2. The Essential Question
  3. Ten detail statements and/or questions

Friday, March 4, 2011
What confluence of concerns led to these sessions.

Our Topic:
What is Going On These Days That Concerns You A Lot?

1.  How do you know what is going on in the world? (group discussion)
2. Four columns:  Don't Understand -- Don't Care -- Care a Bit -- Care a Lot
3. Find two other people who have similar item(s) in the last column (groups of 3)
4. Create a "poster" with the following things
  1. Title of Your Topic
  2. The Essential Question
  3. Ten detail statements and/or questions
  4. Evidence of preliminary research
  5. Present and propose path
November-December Thursday Ideas (19 people)
  1. Work Time 0
  2. ---Non-Computer Free Time 12
  3. Documentary Movies 8
  4. Cal Coast Planning
  5. Class Meetings 
  6. Cooking 8
  7. ---Game Master 11
  8. ---Art Projects 10
  9. ---Jokes/Seriously Funny 9
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