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To-Do Lists

Regular "Teacher Assistance" To Do List (shortcut to this list:
Daily Tasks Team: Mon=Andrea, Tues=Dianne, Wed=Catherine, Thurs=Craig, Fri=
  1. retype names on woodshop rosters
  2. enter room 29 parent into (email and phone) into my gmail contacts
  3. take the VoDs from 2014-2015 Daily Schedule and add them onto Video Suggestion form (April 10 and older)

  5. go to this spreadsheet and fill in the lines that have an "x" in the "to be done" column -- James, Stella
  6. Typing the words from sheets in the "weekly vocab" (Charles Schwab) binder into this spreadsheet

  7. list of current events topics from their papers into this spreadsheet -- Gina on Fridays
  8. bookshelf usually needs some alphabetical love -- R
  9. print curiosity slides 7 to 4 on single sheet per kid (spreadsheet & instructions) -- R

  10. JoD to joke list and VoD to video list -- R
  11. link words from the vocabulary page to the photos in this album (instructions)
  12. scan some KD magazines (America 1492, The Presidency, Ellis Island, Sacagawea) -- R
  13. add more links to the "Coupla Things" archive G-doc -- R
  14. check-off daily edits 1 to 10 on a class roster (plus, check, minus, zero) Moira -- R
  15. link words from the vocabulary page to the photos in this album (instructions)
  16. add more links to the "Coupla Things" archive G-doc -- R
  17. Writing "Missing Work List" for Each Student:  For each student, write up a list of assignments that have a 0 in the grade book.  I will log into PowerSchool and open up the gradebook for you.  Using half sheets of scratch paper, please put the kids name at the top and then simply list which assignments for which they have a 0 (if any).  Ignore blanks since they indicate that something hasn't been scored yet.  If a kid has no 0s in their row for either subject (yay), then they don't get a sheet.

  18. silicon seal the gap between door and floor on red shed

  20. score vocab quiz 11
  21. Finish consolidating students' links on Walkabout docent section
  22. Single-copy collection of SCOPE magazines (mine and those from Jennie Hare).  Add dates to this spreadsheet
  23. fix email contacts in distribution list for room 26 and 29 parents
  24. take name tags off of black-tray columns and paper-clip them to the stack of papers, wipe out trays
  25. add new labels to wood on sides of trays and put clear tape over them
  26. write words from each kid's slide in this deck to the set x column of this vocabulary spreadsheet
  27. bring post-its to rm 20 and add them to the piles on the shelves
  28. plot/theme papers into their trays
  29. check off photo essay components
  30. Confirm science packet totals and percents
  31. Fill in current event topics from this spreadsheet to this one and onto the grade sheet paper. Sheila J
  32. hook water filter into drinking fountain
  33. Find examples of great amendment slides and link them to numbers on the constitution page
  34. type up the Grapes of Wrath chapter information into this document
  35. DVDs to shelf over the window, other stuff down
  36. James:  go 1;1 w/ Montana to do the 3 vocabulary slides (spreadsheet)
  37. spine labels for the binders under my desk
  38. alphabetize books on upper shelves by author
  39. library inventory -- book that need to be entered are next to the black printer by my desk
  40. copy teacher comments from each kid's student-teacher sheet onto this document
  41. put 6-traits decimal values (visual approximate) from writing sample rubrics to progress reports
  42. I need help coming up with a better place to store and label paper that kids use
  43. make (or finish) answer doc for the KD on Simple Machines
  44. bags of tan bark out of red shed and into garden (shed?) -- get kids help
  45. enter room 29 scores into the gradebook
  46. use blue tape to make a grid above couch that we'll use to post vocab slides
  47. create an answer key for the branches of government quiz
  48. collate and staple the grade printouts
  49. LaserDisc player and remotes (taped to it) to room 20
  50. put room 26 papers into their trays
  51. write down "Preamble Translation" scores onto a room 29 class list
  52. help me add things to this Three Branches of Government to-know list
  53. Moira: get "How America Works" up on each Dell 
  54. score vocab sheets for week 4 (I have answer keys)
  55. make an assignment board for 8-2 worksheet, vocab set 4 quiz, and ???
  56. print curiosity slides 13 to 16 (see #8 below)
  57. Switch book locations; done onto shelf, undone into bags
  58. tape receipts to paper, number them, and add basic info to the spreadsheet
  59. reimbursement forms for Leo and Diann
  60. print curiosity slides 9 to 12 on single sheet per kid (spreadsheet & instructions) -- R
  61. count out washers, split them into ziploc bags, label with bag number (and number in bag)
  62. kids' grade printouts into their trays (one per subject)
  63. there are two capitalization packets left to score
  64. gather each kid's row of yellow post-its and paperclip them together
  65. on the "About Us" page, link kids' names to their portfolio sites and test for access
  66. score remaining sections of the caps packet
  67. yellow box to Toni
  68. ART labels made
  69. buy remote for the monitors (Toshiba CT 90325)
  70. insert columns and label row 1 with kids' names on this vocab sheet
  71. get each kid to write their amendment question into the Google form on my computer
  72. all but one of the stack of physical science textbooks also goes into the red shed
  73. "Guide to Planet Earth" books into the back of the red shed, by other textbooks
  74. make name labels from these lists and put them on the black trays near the door (one column per HR class) -- Susoletta
  75. make half-label name tags (block letter vertical) for the room 25 column of trays, troubleshoot dual-name labels
  76. enter other 8th grade class' parent into (email and phone) into my contacts and create groups
  77. single stack of paper types and labeled (lined, one side blank, all blank, colored, not full size, to be sorted, misc)
  78. make the column and row headers for the big purple chart
  79. link kids' names on this table to their amendment slides
  80. clean the boards we used to make cinnamon rolls (scraper and brush and hose)
  81. find source for foam for blue-crate seats (9 @ 13" x 13" x 1" or 1.5" dense foam)
  82. replace the "main" router (at start of the daisy chain)
  83. 15@1x4x32 with 45 degree bevel
  84. kids' names into CPS software
  85. essay-check columns onto chart (name essay, reader essay, ultimate school essay)
  86. correct back side of apostrophe sheet
  87. make a chart on big white post-it paper with column headers shown on this page
  88. put birthday column on Malouf and Dowling sheets of this spreadsheet -- Moira
  89. fill balloons and put into crates.  4 per crate, plastic bag liner
  90. start-up and test PCs for "Silverlight" (see if works)
  91. confirm that the students' sound editing files match their numbers
  92. score the chapter 20 tests (+ by each right answer; total at top of front)
  93. small paper plates & Jiffy mix & Bisquick
  94. create and tape-up "big sheet" versions of the yellow post-its on the boards of the assignment wall
  95. deliver kids' work packets from 7th grade to them (22 or 29)
  96. post-its off of purple chart and into column piles
  97. enter kids' branches of government questions into Examview
  98. scan (PC and grey scanner) Paola's vocab collection book.
  99. write the top sheets for each board on the wall
  100. create user accounts for Mrs Gallagher's class
  101. sticker-labels and down arrow for each kid's slot in the blue accordion
  102. go to my High School page and create links to the high schools' webpages
  103. move people's names and topics from this chart to this spreadsheet
  104. the paper source organizer needs some organization and big labels
  105. add the obscure words that are hand-written to this list
  106. clean "snow" from Christmas off of alley window
  107. add up scores for the kids' vocab collection comp books sheets, then copy, cut, and tape into book
  108. type up the "ship's log" entries into this document
  109. snail-mail the Age of Sail forms
  110. buy a power strip that has 8 plugs or more
  111. AoS crate to rm 22, rolled tarp to my car, field trip backpack to office
  112. check the link from each kid's name on this page to the machine page of their site
  113. take down the quotes (by window) and put in kids' trays
  114. clear out stuff from by the ramp (clothes, containers, trash, stand)
  115. print out the 12 "Coupla Things" newsletters from this year and add to binder (Michelle)
  116. box-up books from my car (front seat and trunk) and bring to rm 25
  117. add GPS parents to the "DCS 15 GPS" group
  118. add MDL kids to "DCS MyDigitalLife" group (
  119. pair up tests and enter scores onto the table (Pilar)
  120. find open house and tour info for local high schools and add it (in red) to the high school page of my site
  121. score the halloween pun sheets (2 versions)
  122. research big waffle maker options (size, amps or watts, cost, location)
  123. print out each kid's "How Stuff Works" slides via this spreadsheet (see me)
  124. make a easel-sized grid with each kid having a row
  125. clean that nasty ol' waffle maker
  126. score a "spread" on the KD Constitution
  127. David: check off each kids' bookmark and four "Stickman" entries
  128. David: score the first two "spreads" of The Constitution questions
  129. library shelf "repair" (alphabetize)
  130. 7th grade history books to 7th grade teachers
  131. create answer keys for chapter 7 mc tests (Michelle)
  132. dowels from Home Depot and plastic tubs from ???
  133. check off the Preamble translation assignment for room 29 (5, 4, 3)
  134. browse websites of local bookstores and libraries to see if you can 
    find how many copies of book club books they have
  135. check off room 29 parents Gmail contacts
  136. check off room 22 parents  Gmail contacts
  137. rm 29 maps:  fold, clip grade sheet, put in kid's tray
  138. put clipped sets of kids' papers into their trays (see me)
  139. make labels for the kids trays (each column is a homeroom)return the dissection stuff to Nancy Fohner at Peterson Middle School
  140. change font on the CPS questions for chapter 6
  141. create list of WW episodes onto this document (Erika).  Add disk and side info from my stack of DVDs.
  142. white-glue new clothes pins to the sticks where needed (ask me)
  143. check to see if the Kids Discover thumbnails reflect what we have
  144. write a list of Kids Discovery magazines that we don't have.  Sort the list by subject if possible
  145. homework strips to daily schedule sheets (Stacy)
  146. class library back into alpha order
  147. pick up dissecting pans from Nancy Fohner at Peterson Middle School
  148. names of kids who are missing the animal book projects (posted on back wall)
  149. clean test tubes and sink area
  150. make labels for each kid in room 19 (in row order) then get 3-tab manilla folders (office?) and label one for each kid in room 19 (alpha 1st name)
  151. post-pretty the animal book projects onto back wall
  152. score skin track (in Parent tray)
  153. make another 8ish feet of lined yellow butcher paper (in room 3) for the Assignment Scroll (front wall)
  154. score sides 1, 2, and 4 of the "Identification Keys" assignment for room 19
  155. Help load and test the Smarter Balance secure browser onto Chromebooks & PC computers (see Debbie Divine)
  156. score the back of [101]
  157. score the back of photo-resp assignment (but skip parts "C" on the top two)
  158. score [91]
  159. enter info about kids' animal book projects onto this spreadsheet
  160. type up this TOY essay into a G-doc or Word doc
  161. scan Scope's "Lazy Editors" (see binder under desk and scanning instructions)
  162. score empty spots of their vocabulary entries.  See guidelines on tall table
  163. Launch Word and make an assignment chart like the one in the tray. email to
  164. re-score the chapter 21 (Japan) tests (see "scoring subjective stuff" and circle your scoring)
  165. score more of chapter 22 (see "scoring subjective stuff") and Chris
  166. Get ten 60lb bags of concrete from HD
  167. enter scores from Bill on Fish, Amphibs, Repts, & Birds into PowerSchool (on my Mac)
  168. Get 12 dowels from Home Depot (see sample)
  169. Japan Test (History Alive!, chapter 21), one section at a time (see "Scoring Subjective Stuff)
  170. "Upgrade" the room 12 Chromebook box to be like the room 19's box?
    Plastic folders are on the tall table in the room, zip ties are in my desk drawer, and packing tape is on front table
  171. scan chapter 21 in History Alive
  172. re-mark 2 wood pieces with each kid's name from woodshop lists of last semester
  173. homework list printed, cut into daily strips and taped to daily schedules on the wall (Stacy)
  174. Home Depot for paint brush (2 or 3" wide, cheapest they have) and red paint (to match shed)
  175. Make a sheet with copies of + vocab entries and a reason why for each, then same for check and minus (Muffie)
  176. score the student-created China quiz (3 versions)
  177. cut student-row strips and tape to paper for their autobio stories components
  178. David: would you take apart each column of small yellow post-its on the purple chart, and make each set (column) into a stack (column header on top of each stack)?  
    You'll end up with ~25 stacks.  The taped columns will need to have the tape cut
  179. type (or copy-paste) questions from this spreadsheet into ExamView
  180. copy "Coupla Things" from website to Word (shrink to single page?) and then print and put in binder
  181. tape receipts to paper and number them (starting at 246)
  182. upload the Yosemite pictures to this Picassa album
  183. type up Abbi's writing assignments from this pdf to this doc (ask me to share with you as editor)
  184. scan [M] and [72] (Chris)
  185. read the section on mollusks, and score [75] (Chris)
  186. score their paragraphs on side 6 of the caps packet
  187. the stuff report cards into envelopes (stapled and single sheets)
  188. finish entering article info for the 1/13/14 science world
  189. enter info on each article in the most recent Science World
  190. get 10 more plastic hanging folders from Staples
  191. make a chart that is 28x28 and each cell is the size of a small post-it (David)
  192. get the chromebook box from room 19 and upgrade it to be like ours (Karen)
  193. find where to order a replacement power supply for the Samsung SDP-860 (Amoreena)
  194. print out the most recent 15 pages of the assignments sheet, cut into strips, and tape to daily board
  195. social studies stuff into boxes, labeled
  196. stuff from junk basket (except pens & pencils) put into the boxed on shelf under whiteboard
  197. library bookshelf reorganized and neatened (alpha by author)
  198. correct the GPE, use "scoring subjective stuff" sheet
  199. 3 lists about sci demos: done (see online calendar), signed up (see paper calendar), and neither
  200. check to see if my gmail contacts have all the parent numbers
  201. add parent numbers for room 19 (for Walkabout)
  202. transfer answers from one GPE answer key to another
  203. photocopy Gift essays (just the final copy & my comments)
  204. move photos from 2 "CalCoast Cruise" Picassa albums to the "Walkabout" album
  205. put stuff on bottom trays into the kids' trays
  206. replace the name tags on the wood next to the kids' trays
  207. vocab score strips
  208. return microscopes to rooms 27 and 19 (about half to each room)
  209. make answer keys for "Lazy Editor" #2, #3, #4 (see my sample)
  210. scan Kids Discovery on Plants, Flowers, Rain Forests 2
  211. print the assignments list, cut into day strips, and tape to bottom inch of daily schedule sheets (wall and archive)
  212. get agar flakes and bromothymol blue from The Science Shop (1043 Di Giulio Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95050)
  213. Read Scope magazine and enter info about each article into this spreadsheet (I need to add you as editor). Jennie project
  214. return depression slides to Nancy Fohner in room D1 at Peterson Middle School (Gina?)
  215. read this week's Science World and annotate each article or element (using post-it notes) Hang
  216. get purple butcher paper and add side strips to the chart on the whiteboard under the screen
  217. scan Kids Discover on Germs using the black laptop and scanner (11x17 stitch mode)
  218. see clipboard on my desk... it has a list of about 8 things
  219. correct the MC part of the ATC 4 tests
  220. read through the Theme Evidence essays (on my desk) and offer suggestions for improvement -- Jennie
  221. fill in missing info on this room 19 spreadsheet, then find kids not on the list
  222. script hyperlinks from this spreadsheet to the actual assignments (most of which are on the unit pages or the homework doc)
  223. score 1 or 2 questions on side 4 of the ATC chpt 4 test 
  224. find/buy a few more banker's boxes for the stuff that is under the tall table
  225. score the remaining 8ish vocab books
  226. errand:  buy some vacuum cleaner bags (Sharp model PU2).  AAA Vac in Cupertino?
  227. turn the big current events topics table into a spreadsheet... kid rows, topic columns (Nandini)
  228. score a few questions from the chpt 8 & 9 history test using these guidelines - Amoreena, Jennie, Muffie, Gina, Roseanne
  229. missing work lists
  230. during social studies, ask anyone on this list who doesn't have a "presented to" name to show you what they've learned so far -- Amo
  231. correct the rest of the comma sheets and all those other scattered grammar assignments - Sujata
  232. get wooden dowels from Home Depot(s) that are 1.25 inches in diameter (end painted orange) and 4 feet long.  
    We need 12 total and I have 4 (take one of mine as sample)  Hamilton@17, Camden@Hillsdale, DeAnza@Bolinger
  233. find and buy 6% hydrogen peroxide (not at a drug store, but at a beauty supply place)
  234. put kids' unit 2 science packets into their trays
  235. put the "teamwork training" clues and pieces onto cards & tape over (for durability) -- many
  236. re-alphabetize & neaten up the library -- Jennifer
  237. put kids' names to this list of 100 words -- David
  238. organize and relocate the paper sorter
  239. any chance you could run a personal errand to Cupertino (Blaney @ Homestead) for me?
  240. checking off the daily edits
  241. get 14 microscopes from room 19 and 3 power strips from room 20 (or ?)
  242. change the location of the links on this spreadsheet (see me) -- Sujata
  243. fill in this chart with links to the dates of Coupla Things newsletters -- Luise & Jeannie
  244. copies of JFK document, half to me, other half to Jenn.
  245. cut each student's row from the vocab sheet and tape it to their vocab-grammar cover sheet
  246. highlight the shuttle routes on each driver packet
  247. get the Chromebooks to access DCS instead of DCS Guest (see me) -- Amoreena
  248. missing work lists -- Karen
  249. print daily schedules for Tues, Wed, Thursday
  250. clear oldest three boards and then tape on the schedules from step 4 above (instructions)
  251. correct vocabulary entries for the 5 days in August-September (see instructions) -- Louise, Jennie, Sujata
  252. go to Staples or Office Max to get one more hanging file crate like all the others (under the front black tables)
  253. get hanging folders from the crate by the sink then make a crate with student folders (w/ tabs)
  254. correct the "Ditzy" set 2
  255. make another 15ish feet of lined yellow paper for the scroller (rows @ post-it note height) -- Jennie
  256. sort & complete (if possible) the Tech Agreements then send to office ---Hung

Routine Tasks
-go to the "routines" page for details
  1. Daily: print the daily schedule
  2. Monday missing work lists
  3. Cleaning computer tables & sink areas

Ongoing Tasks and Projects (for When Daily Stuff is Done)

  1. Read Science World magazine(s) and Add Article Annotations to the Database ... big project that will span many sessions and people.   In this project you will read an issue of Science World and enter a bunch of information into a form that adds to the database. Click here!  Ongoing flex-time project for one or two parents. 
  2. Student Created Test Questions:  check the student-created test questions for new items, and type them into Examview
  3. Enter Questions from Cards:  create ExamView banks for life science units and enter the questions on the cards
  4. Scan Kids' Discover magazines: scan all pages of issues with post-its on them to one pdf
  5. Science Question Images:  search, copy, and past images into science question database
  6. Writing "Missing Work List" for Each Student:  Since I do most of my correcting of papers over the weekend, I'm hoping that at the beginning of each week one parent will routinely write up a list of assignments that have a 0 in the grade book.  I will log into PowerSchool and open up the gradebook for you.  Using half sheets of scratch paper (on shelf by the door), please put the kids name at the top and then simply list which assignments for which they have a 0 (if any).  Ignore blanks since they indicate that something hasn't been scored yet.  If a kid has no 0s in their row for either subject (yay), then they don't get a sheet.

Technology Tasks
  1. The printer in room 25 is no longer printing. Many computers need the printer cue cleared out.
  2. Cable management:  the cords for the desktops should be in the corrugated tubes and clipped at the ends
  3. The 2 macs closest to the window often lost internet connection... and they don't print to our printer
  4. Need to determine which macbooks are usable and which are not (all need to be connected to power)
  5. Flash player to PC closest to door
  6. Sound check on all PCs
  7. Get my MacBook to print to our (rm 25) printer

Student-Assistance Guidelines & Ideas
  1. Behavior During Instruction:  During any kind of whole-class instruction (from me or other student or video, etc) help chatty kids get focused onto the right stuff.  Often your physical proximity will do the trick, other times you may need to tap their shoulder and point to what they should be paying attention to.  For a greater impact you may need to ask them to come outside with you so that you can have a chat with them about any issue(s) you see in class.  
  2. Individual Work:  Although a casual atmosphere is my preference, if the kids aren't productive and engaged, then they need some external force to get them to do so -- that force is you.  :)  There is always some work to be done in class.  If the task at hand is already done, there is usually a leftovers list.  
  3. Group Project Facilitation:  Whether the kids are working alone or in groups, they sometimes need help getting their energies and attentions put onto the tasks at hand.  For group projects it often helps to ask idle kids "what can you do to help with this project", and then help them (or just watch) as they put themselves to work.

Odd Things:

  1. need six more 13x13 squares of firm foam (for cushions that will go over blue crates)
  2. more batteries tested and recycled if below 1.3 volts

    2013-2013 Archive

    1. Jodi: enter name, title, game scores, and contribution percentages into my excel file (on my mac)
    2. Jodi: make a named folder for the contents of each kids' tray, and binder clip it together, then back into tray
    3. Shelly: take down the papers on the "assignments wall" and add to the piles.  
    4. Shelly: add remaining daily schedules to my Word doc, print those unprinted, and add to the archive on wall (ask me)
    5. Kids Discover binder:  Get more card holders (D&J Hobby?), and make the sheets single sided
    6. Re-organize (as you see fit) my depleted "library" bookshelf (I'm teaching ELA again next year)
    7. Scan Universe blue book, one section at a time... some have been done
    8. Electronics box to red shed
    9. Can we get a "Class Pass" from VTA for 5/14 trip to DeAnza
    10. Score "Planet Packet" one planet at a time (see me)
    11. Scan section 1-2 and 1-3 in blue "Exploring the Universe" book.
    12. Weird one...  Dylan's desk to his house (Jenny recovering)
    13. unit 7 missing packet email drafts (and type up instructions)
    14. open each of this year's posters and save it as a pdf
    15. fix staff contacts
    16. scan Kids Discover on Yellowstone & Sun
    17. newspaper piles... again
    18. correct [85]
    19. trip to RAFT (Brokaw & 101) for thick sheets, trays, 1-10 tabs, tape dispenser thingies, 
    20. unit 7 missing packet list
    21. batteries to recycler (hardware store?)
    22. transfer J's (and others?) questions to ExamView (see #1 in "odd things" below).  Jodi
    23. write a list of which kids are missing posters in each period
    24. tally list of test scores
    25. another two bags of river rock from Peninsula Building Materials (Ingrid, in process)
    26. box for the paper holders
    27. repair or replace the clothes pins on the dowels (table stands)
    28. correct chapter 20 tests (Robin)
    29. errand:  purchase a bag of sticks for hot glue guns (big sticks) and some boxes of flat toothpicks (Belinda)
    30. 6' and 8' boards (on "couch") to red shed
    31. clean off the whiteboard by the door
    32. convert posters to pdf files
    33. buy eight Slinkeys (see sample)  Ingrid?
    34. help me clean off front black tables
    35. do "correcting tests" steps 6 and 7 for the chapter 19 tests (Belinda)
    36. copy links to assignments from this spreadsheet to the assignments calendar (here is a video that shows how to do it)
    37. order FileMaker Pro for PC (educational price)
    38. separate episode numbers from title on this spreadsheet
    39. to Home Depot for a box of screws
    40. type this document up (not the diagram)
    41. type up this one too (don't worry about formatting)
    42. and this last one (sorry it is upside down)
    43. correct chapter 18 tests then sort by class (alpha 1st)
    44. get me to find, cut, and tape down receipts so they can be entered into spreadsheet and submitted
    45. missing packet email drafts
    46. letter requesting 35 tickets to Coit Tower (3/22) on school letterhead (write, print, address & mail)
    47. print CouplaThings to current
    48. organize newspapers by section then chronological
    49. test C and AA batteries
    50. print out [72] for each kid
    51. check charge on batteries
    52. order belt for sander
    53. print CouplaThings to current
    54. sink area clean & organize
    55. format bullets in chapter 18 and 19 textbook notes to normal text, indented to 3rd margin
    56. enter VoDs from daily schedule to this form going back from "lost generation"
    57. add more content (and/or schools) to bottom parts of the high schools page of my site
    58. add chapters 17, 18, and 19 to "Science Textbook Notes" (Shelly)
    59. 2 to 3 bags of river rock (1"-2") for waterfall "pond"
    60. mark off which RC comments are in the archive, and then add the others
    61. Periodic tables down, into bag, then into red shed on top of pizza box games
    62. Count pages in packets and write on cover sheet
    63. River rock (see #1 of "odd things" below)
    64. Create unit score tally on binder paper using pdf files (see example on wall)
    65. Create assignment number boxes on post-its (with border)... one set small, one set big 71-99
    66. Home Depot stores for 12 dowels (@ $4 each)
    67. HD for another 1x8
    68. shop for acid-base lab materials
    69. print student's report cards
    70. copy math comments from PowerSchool report to each kids g-doc
    71. copy report-card comments (mine) from each of their g-docs to this archive
    72. sand paper into hanging folders by grit
    73. tape the kids' periodic tables to big/thick paper
    74. print "blue sheets" from 615 pg chemistry pdf
    75. make/revise the inventory/diagram of the boxes & containers red shed (Robin?)
    76. Print the information articles from last year. (Shelly McCarthy)
    77. find, sort, and put supplies into boxes
    78. task instructions for your successors
    79. make an "assignment scroller" out of butcher paper and dowels (see me)
    80. unit 4 packets into kids' trays
    81. make folders with tabs that say "unit 1 originals, unit 1 answer keys, unit 1 extras", etc... up through unit 10
    82. scan Kids Discover on "Brain", "Climate", and "Detectives"
    83. tally unit 4 percentages for each class then enter them on the "unit grades" spreadsheet
    84. correct 2 tests & 1 chpt review
    85. copy links to assignments from this spreadsheet to the assignments calendar... work backwards
      (here is a video that shows how to do that)
    86. lunch for QoD winners for HR23 (Noah's)
    87. reformat textbook notes so that bullets (-) are always at third margin and section titles colors match
    88. set up titles and bullets for chapters 12-16
    89. print coupla things, November & December
    90. scan KD Astronaut, Blood, Boats
    91. names from post-its to missing work spreadsheet
    92. link from this list to each kids' machine page (see hyperlink script and sign-in info)
    93. Claudia: correct chapter 10 tests (front, back, total & score, alpha class by first)
    94. Mark: score back side of "Conquest of Cold"
    95. could someone set up for me the "41 folder" crate? (video)
    96. print Johnny lyrics (10), itinerary, AoS stuff to car, side 1 of [43], links to kids' machine pages, 
    97. correct two side of [40] for period 3
    98. correct chapter 9 mc tests
    99. link from this list to each kids' machine page (see hyperlink script and sign-in info)
    100. adding students' names to the calendar, as per demo schedule
    101. staple [40]
    102. take rock-sugar out of jars, set to dry, and clean jars (ick)
    103. type up the "Curious About" list for unit 4 (from assignment [38])
    104. fill in this spreadsheet with links to the the "Eureka" series on YouTube
    105. correct chapter 8 tests (correct, score, tally, order)
    106. unit 3 grades tallies on paper then onto this form
    107. copy links to assignments from this spreadsheet to the assignments calendar (here is a video that shows how to do that)
    108. mark (on this list) whether or not lab reports are in science page of student sites
    109. correct the remaining [33]s
    110. use oven cleaner on hotplate tops
    111. photocopy chapter 12
    112. correct, score, alpha, tally chapter 4 tests
    113. check the student website addresses on this doc, and fix (w/ them) if necessary (Shelly)
    114. Get missing U2 packet list, and send emails  to parents & cc kid (Setareh)
    115. create sheet for each box in storage, stating summary of contents ()
    116. tally how many of each unit 1 percent per class here ()
    117. tally how many of each unit 2 percent per class here (Shelly)
    118. enter receipts into spreadsheet (Shelly)
    119. InfoArticle binder (Shelly)
    120. correct chapter 2 tests when available (Diane)
    121. copy cover sheet of rm 23's U3 packet (Mark)
    122. view the students' online animations and rate on rubric (Shelly)
    123. Add a link to their control sheets to my status sheet
    124. Fry's (use my gift card):   35' extension cord (12+ amps)
    125. Type in the notes skeleton for chapters 2, 3, and 4
    126. create and fill in grid showing progress on science experiments (Shelly)
    127. view the students' online animations and rate on rubric (Mark)
    128. enter scores on [25] as I read them off (Brenda)
    129. plastic and foam into my trunk
    130. white laptop boxes dismantled
    131. help me clear off the tall table
    132. correcting graphs using grade sheet
    133. score chapter 6 tests
    134. cleaning computer tables
    135. staple grade strip to students' line graphs, and put name on paper
    136. type up kids questions from their name tents, they will go here
    137. score CogAT and log into spreadsheet & write missing test list
    138. print old Coupla Things (copy to Word, format to 1 pg, print) DS
    139. put unit 1 packets into their trays
    140. Language Arts curriculum into tubs with lids
    141. add phone numbers to DCS contacts in gmail
    142. shop-vac red-shed
    143. alphabetize and check off survey forms
    144. a piece of 22x72 laminated panel from Home Depot (see sample, $33)
    145. errand:  ~6 black plastic hanging-file crates (@Office Max, see sample)
    146. errand: 2@1x10x8' pine (see sample)
    147. print [1] (someone who has access to a color printer and can do 40 sheets)
    148. research best deal or donation of a good flatbed scanner

     Big Projects & Ongoing Routines
    1. Making a print copy of the daily schedule:  While at school, go to my website and find the daily schedule.  Copy days that are not posted on the wall.  Paste into Word and format like the others (arial font, date =28pt, headers = 24 pt, text = 20 point).  Maria Laughlin did this on all afternoons.  All semester (or year) for one parent.  That parent can also remind me to update the online stuff like the assignment spreadsheet, calendar, and "do now" list.
    2. Inactive:  Burn CDs from FlipVideo files on my laptop:  When I "correct" some essays, I record the session on a FlipVideo camera and then give it to the student on a CD when I return the essay.  Your job is to find the video files on my laptop and burn each to a CD and label it with the student's name and essay topic.  There will be a "control sheet" to keep track of which files have been done, by whom, and when.  To get to the files, open up the hard drive ("Mr. H) from the desktop.  In the first column, click "apple", in the second, click "FlipShare Data", in the third, click "Videos", and then you should see a list of the videos (but without names of whose is whose.  If you click on one (top one), it should show a thumbnail which will show a kids name.  Insert a CD, and then press the control key as you click on the video file and select "Burn (name of file) to CD".  Select that, and then name the CD with the kids name and it should be off and running.  I'll also walk you through this whole thing the first time and it will be much easier after that.  On the average, there will be 8 videos each day (if I keep myself on pace).
    3. Read Science World magazine(s) and Add Article Annotations to the Database ... big project that will span many sessions and people.   In this project you will read an issue of Science World and enter a bunch of information into a form that adds to the database. Click here!  Ongoing flex-time project for one or two parents.  Joe Gager
    4. Writing "Missing Work List" for Each Student:  Since I do most of my correcting of papers over the weekend, I'm hoping that at the beginning of each week one parent will routinely write up a list of assignments that have a 0 in the grade book.  I will log into PowerSchool and open up the gradebook for you.  Using half sheets of scratch paper (on shelf by the door), please put the kids name at the top and then simply list which assignments for which they have a 0 (if any).  Ignore blanks since they indicate that something hasn't been scored yet.  If a kid has no 0s in their row for either subject (yay), then they don't get a sheet.
    5. Enter "Hot SAT Words" into our 1000 words spreadsheet

    End of School Activities (not in preference order -- find what you might like to do):
    1. Organize computer cords into their housings
    2. Algebra books to room 20
    3. Deep clean sink and counter area
    4. Clean out and wipe out metal drawers under the cushion benches 
    5. Unpack remaining white boxes and organize supplies
    6. Vacuum between and behind and under computers
    7. Dispose of the paint and things between ramp and classroom
    8. Organize library shelf (alphabetical)
    9. Take down yellow bulletin boards and its trim


    1. score each students Ad Logic assignment for one of the advertisements (Alison to finish)
    2. copy and cut up situation, character, and conflict cards
    3. science chapter test last page
    4. copy my chapter 15 notes (to 4 sides, 2 sheets), stapled
    5. shopping for acid-base lab tomorrow: 60 clear (small) cups, and 7 fluids (check with Denise first)
    6. type up chapter 15 test question stems
    7. print report card comments, page 1 for each student (remove boxes below math comment)
    8. print my class, page 1, of PowerSchool report cards
    9. correct chapter 16 science tests
    10. errand:  4 dowels (Home Depot)
    11. score the four most recent vocab entries in their comp books
    12. type up lists of science project ideas into the science experiment ideas list
    13. take down the wall (by column) and put into binder
    14. read and make comments on the "composition-compositions" (Mitch)
    15. correct sections of the CAPS packet
    16. get rolls of adding machine paper... see me for details
    17. correct chapter 11 tests (4 versions, some questions get skipped) Tamara
    18. daily edit cluster 3 (Roseanne and Carolyn)
    19. get NSTA books from Denise and continue copying
    20. get supplies for the stove: aluminum cans, emery cloth sandpaper, "heet", strike-anywhere matches
    21. put "Phases" sets into smaller envelopes
    22. put junk that is in the blue plastic box (by phone) into the appropriate beige box
    23. tape chapter 4 tests as last page of unit 3 packets
    24. get two more pieces of pine lumber (1x12x8') at Home Depot (... and a bulb for the lava lamp)
    25. go to RAFT for 27 1" binders that are all the same and a whole bunch of plastic trays (see Chris)
    26. enter student's list of idioms to this spreadsheet
    27. print Christmas puns sheet (3 pages, 6 sides, on Gestetner, collated, stapled)
    28. finish scoring vocabulary pages in comp book (HeuKids only)
    29. missing work list (12/6).  See "Ongoing Projects #4)
    30. finish entering video journalism topics (folders) into spreadsheet
    31. check for completion on the packet from TheTech (rate semi-subjectively 1 to 10)
    32. Script hyperlinks into Information Article spreadsheet (instructions)
    33. read and comment on some "Compare and Contrast" essays? (Mitch)
    34. Get bag(s) of ice from a store... cube and crushed
    35. Create work folders for Isaac, Dean, Tim (filecabinet) 
    36. Insert YouTube videos onto Age of Sail page
    37. Print weekly newsletters from last year (30+) and the beginning of this year.
    38. Debbie: if you get time (and desire), finish copying the vocab book (you'll need a bigger binder)
    39. Staple together the two pages of [S]
    40. Create missing work lists (see #4 in the projects list below)
    41. Home Depot:  7 2x4s that are 6' long
    42. Cut out "thumbnails" of Kids Discover magazine, update database, and ready them for lamination.
    43. Score the StuCrew vocabulary pages in comp books.
    44. Correct the back side of the idioms assignments (2 class sets)
    45. Type in words to the spreadsheet that contains the week's words (from book) (Dione). 
    46. Enter the books on my desk into the class library database using this form. (Dione)
    47. Correct "Bug Bites" assignment (you can leave side 3 for me) 
    48. Correct "Apostrophe" assignment
    49. Correct "Homonyms" assignment
    50. Increase font size for CPS questions and answers -- tedious (Stephanie & Barbara)
    51. Type up Thank You Ma'm questions
    52. Photocopy originals of "Thank You M'am" enlarged to fit paper

    1. Finish answer key for [10] (15-2 and 15-3) and score the remaining few
    2. Create, by physical cut and paste, an "A" list and a "B" list of DC rooms, then make 3 copies
    3. Find FlipVideo replacement batteries online (samples in "Parent" bin
    4. Find Optoma replacement remote online (get sample from room 26)
    5. Lori: download speeches from FlipVid and put each onto a CD
    6. ScienceWorld cards
    7. Hunger Games book inventory and storage (crate)
    8. Read SCOPE activity and correct them as they come in
    9. Check off Daily Edits
    10. Print Daily Edits for July through December plus extras
    11. Haruna:  correct the back of [B]
    12. Missing work (or low scoring work) list for each student (on individual sheets)
    13. Save video files over 700 Mb to DVDs and mark with student's name
    14. Enter MLK or TV article
    15. Take Kill-A-Watt meters out of packaging, save documentation, and label each (see example)
    16. Anyone willing to go to Fry's (or other) to get about 15 700 Mb CDs and about 10 CDs or DVDs that can hold 800Mb and 4ish USB flash drives that can hold 2Gb???  Save receipt and do reimbursement papers through DebbyP.
    17. Kristi:  Check remaining comp books (or students) for completion of the 5 questions (and parts) on the position paper analysis (TV or MLK)
    18. Burn CD's that contain each students video correcting session (see Chris)
    19. Check student sites for games page, essay on it, writing page, essay on it, and for HR25: machine page, name on it, image on it, links on it
    20. Stefanie: to OfficeMax (or Depot or other) to get box-bottom hanging file folders (see picture, save receipt)
    21. Composition book check for 4 vocabulary pages (11/3, 11/10, 12/1, 12/8) and table of contents
    22. Sonia: "Games" page with essay, "Machines" page, and Collaborative Story on the writing page
    23. Haruna: Kids' Discover magazine sleeve labels
    24. Correct the FIB sections of each test version
    25. Change font to CharcoalBold 24 on the CPS questions
    26. Errand:  to an office supply place (or similar) to get another crate that hold hanging files (keep and submit receipt, please. or get $ from me)
    27. Print daily schedule to make the wall current
    28. Create new "missing work list" on graph paper for HeuKids and StuCrew
    29. Create student conference binder with tabs for each student
    30. Switch activities from thick sheet protectors to thin ones
    31. Make hanging folder labels for each yellow post-it
    32. Put each KidsDiscover magazine into a sheet protector.  Put in binder(s) alphabetical (see list).
    33. Read Proposition Position papers, edit for mechanics, and give feedback to the author.  Some have been done.
    34. Read some of the monologues (on paper and in books) and mark those that are great
    35. Type out and print out the strips that go above each blue column on the wall.  Need November and December
    36. Figure out a way to have the KidsDiscover magazines organized, accessible, and protected (Stackables/OfficeSupply)
    37. Check their Terabithia pages for all 4 writing parts (1-6, 7, 10, Final 4).  Write email to any who don't and cc me.
    38. Get gallon of brown paint, some brushes, and a drop cloth (cloth) from Home Depot
    39. Paint the ugly box on all surfaces (unscrew & remove shelves first)
    40. Enter C & H vocab words into the form
    41. Put StuCrew student work into their folders
    42. Create and fill in a list of the Rebus puzzle answers
    43. Re-alphabetize library books
    44. Enter KidsDiscover magazine information into Excel
    45. Create hanging folder and label for each student
    46. Trim oversize assignments to 8.5 x 11
    47. Go to Buchser Middle School, room F2 and get "the clickers" from Bryan
    48. Labels for HG books, sign-out sheet
    49. Get students to show you their vocab sections and you score them
    50. Color-coded labels for student folders
    51. Organize, tape to paper, and copy receipts
    52. Varnish the rocking chair
    53. Tape Ikea meter strips end to end, marking the start and end of each meter, until we have a 40 meter strip.
    54. Enter information from each of the students' Attribute Activity onto this form.
    55. Alphabetize (by first name) student index cards and make list of missing ones.
    56. Add category term (heukid or stucrew) to uncategorized sites in
    57. Take down Dead Wordsseparate into 2 classes, and alphabetize (by last name)
    58. Make three sets of 11x17 laminated signs to put on the bulletin boards that say "SR = Silent Room" (on red paper), and "CW = Collaborative Work" (on yellow paper), and "TT = Tech Tasks" (on blue paper).  Three of each kind = 9 total posters.
    59. Put primer on the rocking chair
    60. Write lists of kids who haven't done "Dead Words" and "Made Up Words
    End of School Activities June 2011(not in preference order -- find what you might like to do):
    1. Organize computer cords into their housings
    2. Algebra books to room 20
    3. Deep clean sink and counter area
    4. Clean out and wipe out metal drawers under the cushion benches 
    5. Unpack remaining white boxes and organize supplies
    6. Vacuum between and behind and under computers
    7. Dispose of the paint and things between ramp and classroom
    8. Organize library shelf (alphabetical)
    9. Take down yellow bulletin boards and its trim