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Ropes Course

The goal of the "Ropes Course" trip is to increase personal awareness and confidence as well as team cohesion.  This is achieved through various outdoor games and challenges provided by the Mount Hermon staff and the amazing natural environment of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  The field trips happen during 6th and 8th grades yet the experiences progress with physical and developmental readiness. 

Release Form -- copies were handed out in class.  This is a double-sided document.

Room 25, October 16, 2017
8:40 to 8:45  Check in at homeroom
8:45 to 9:40  Math
9:40 to 9:50  Return to room 25; get into car groups
9:50 to 10:40  Drive to Eagle Creek trailhead (Lockewood@GrahamHill Road, Scotts Valley)
10:40 to 12:00 Hike Eagle Creek to San Lorenzo River to Cowell Redwoods loop
12:00 to 12:30  San Lorenzo river trail to hwy 9@BigTreesRoad
12:40 to 12:50 Drive to Mt Hermon Conference Center (large grass field after the overhead pedestrian bridge)
1:00 to 4:00  Sequoia Adventure Course
4:00 to 4:50  Drive back to DCS

Chaperones:  You'll have to fill out a liability release as well.  Here is the letter to you from the program director.
Parents:  Please download the release form shown in the attachments section of the bottom of this page, fill it out, and return it to school.

Driving Directions from DCS
  1. Teale to Freed to Topaz to Payne, turning left towards San Tomas
  2. Right on San Tomas to highway 17
  3. 17 south to Scott's Valley]
  4. Exit Mount Hermon Road and turn right on Mount Hermon Road
  5. Through Scotts Valley and down to Felton
  6. Left on Graham HIll Road
  7. Left on Conference Drive
  8. Once you enter the Conference Center main area, look for the pedestrian bridge that goes over the road and go under it.
  9. THe large recreation field and gymnasium will be on the right.  
  10. Pull in and park at the end of the parking lot.  The Mt Hermon staff person should meet you by the picnic benches.
  11. If necessary, Follow the green and white signs to “Mount Hermon Adventures/Redwood Canopy Tour.”  Go into our lobby and check in.
Chaperones from 2016:
Nitin Juthari (6) -- Parth, Will, Rianna, Caedon, Ayden, Michael
Debbie Lew (3) -- Maya, Rhema, Karina
Laura Rogers (6) -- Gwen, Aidan, Taika, DanChi, Taran, Thomas
Brian Behl (3) -- Max, Jacob, Andre
Tara Khetrapal (3) -- Amiri, Ken, Mikey
Ed Karas (5) -- Jason, Nichole, Lena, Neha

What to Bring:  water bottle, a big lunch, closed toed shoes, clothes for cold weather as well as warm (dress in layers)

Room 25: October 3, 2016.  Morning hike, afternoon ropes!

Henry Cowell Hike & Car Shuffle

Useful Resources:
  1. Mount Hermon's Teambuilding Website:
  2. Weather conditions in Felton:
  3. Google map (directions for each grade level might be different)

The document below shows the dates for the trip for the previous school years:

Mt Hermon Teambuilding Dates

Letter to Chaperones:

Photos from Class of 2011 (my first DCS FT!):

8th Grade Ropes Course, Sept 2010

Mount Hermon Adventure & Overnight, Fall 2011

I'm excited to offer the option for kids and parents to stay overnight at Mount Hermon after the ropes course experience. The facilities and the area are very nice and there are many activities that will be fun and help to solidify the group even more.  The place is beautiful, big, and has many things for us to do. The cabins will be perfect for us and the grounds have lots of possibilities: soccer field, sand volleyball court, game room, meeting room, hiking trails, campfire circles, etc. We're going to have fun.

Friday, September 9, 2011
2:00:  After the ropes course experience, assemble in parking lot.  
2:15:  Load overnight bags into cars of remaining parents, then drive (5 min) to Ponderosa Lodge.
2:30:  Find our cabins and put belongings into rooms.  Tour of the grounds.
3:00: Outdoor activities and exploration
4:00 Drive to Graham Hill Campground, walk to redwoods trail to river
6:30 Felton for dinner (Taqueria Vallarta or Round Table Pizza)
7:30 Back to Ponderosa Lodge
8:00 Evening activities
9:30 Into cabins

7:30 Pack up and load cars
8:00 Breakfast at Conference Center
9:00 Cowell Redwoods loop trail and San Lorenzo river
11:00 Drive to DCS
12:00 Arrive DCS for parent pick-up.

Things to Pack (beyond what you're wearing):
  1. Comfortable shoes for trail walking
  2. Sleeping bag or comforter
  3. Pillow (if you want)
  4. Sweatshirt
  5. Long pants and/or sweats
  6. Extra socks and undies
  7. 2 shirts
  8. Bathing suit (we MIGHT be able to use the pool)
  9. Flashlight (optional)
  10. Reading book
  11. Any games or activities that you thing might be fun for the group to play
You and the non-overnighters will bring a bag lunch for Friday, but the overnight crew needs to bring snacks for other times as well, including Friday after ropes course but before the hike, a small evening snack, and maybe something for the car ride home.

  Boys Girls
 1 Danny Abbi
 2 Douglas Alina
 3 Ian Alison
 4 Jacob Chiara
 5 Karim Jenna
 6 Kevin Mika
 7 Khoi Sarah
 8 RileyJuliann
 9 Vernon 

Drivers/Chaperones:  Lisa (yes 4), Cristina (yes 6), Canh (yes 6), Joe (4)
  Men Women
 1 Canh Lisa
 2 Joe Cristina

I'm going to meet with the 18 overnight kids Thursday during lunch and giving them a packing list and itinerary (above).  I can set the stage, but it will be up to them to make it all play out in the best way possible.  I really want to foster an atmosphere of "empowered autonomy" in the kids this year and so I will invest in their ability to take care of themselves and each other -- with somewhat of a safety net, of course.

I want us to do a one way hike from Graham Hill Campground down to the San Lorenzo river on Friday afternoon, before dinner.  I'll have 2 parents come with me and the kids on the (1 hour) hike and have the other two shuffle all 4 cars to the other end of the trail (hwy 9 entrance to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park).  From there we'll go to dinner in town.  

I'm going to buy some snacks and water bottles for the "hike" Friday afternoon, but please mention to the parents of overnighters that they should help their kids get (and pack) extra snack foods for various times (2 to 4 on Friday, 11-12 on Saturday.  I'll mention it at the lunch meeting tomorrow too.  Happy belly, dry feet, happy camper.