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Overview: If you find a web-site that could help teach one of the subjects that we are learning in 8th grade science this year, you can add it to my on-line website list for extra credit.  Follow these directions exactly and completely.

1. Find a Site:
Find a site that is about one of our topics, of appropriate complexity, has a good balance of text and graphics, and will be useful to your peers. Consider what it is about the site that is entertaining or that would hold a kids interest. How recent or reliable is the information?  Don't just do a google or yahoo search and add the top site(s) without touring them well first.

2. Email Me the Information:
Type the title of the site.  Sometimes this will be obvious (ie."Cells Alive") and other times you will have to come up with a title on your own.  It should contain the topic and the source (ie.  UC Berkeley site on Bacteria).  Don't write junk like "cool site" or "anatomy stuff".

3. Copy and Paste the URL:
It is best to copy and paste from the site so you don't make any errors.

4. Describe the Site
Give a quick summary of the content of your site.  A summary should contain information about the content of the site, its usability, and alignment with our curriculum.  Don't use words like "stuff" or "cool".   If you add any statements of judgment, keep them short and specific.

5. Print the Page:
Print the first page of the site you added and put your name and period number at the top.. 

6. Turn In The Printout:
Put the sheet that you printed in step 5 into the extra credit bin.   Near the end of the unit I will review your site, mark the number of points I gave your entry on the paper you turn in, and put that paper in the out box.

8.  Getting Points:
If you followed directions and your site is a good resource for 8th grade science I'll give you between 2 and 4 points. You can do this for as many sites as you like but be sure to follow the directions above exactly as I state them.  Thanks!