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One great way to get extra credit points in science is for you to write multiple choice test questions.
  1. Review any section in the textbook and think of a great question to ask.
  2. Enter that question as well as the a. b. c. d. responses into the form below (and here)
  3. Enter the other information asked for on the form (right answer, reason, topic, page, etc)
  4. Write a note asking a parent, asking them to enter the question into ExamView, and put that note in the "For Parents" tray on my desk.  A parent will add the question to the ExamView software's question bank for the relevant chapter, and thus it becomes one of the possible questions for the class' test on that chapter (either this year or in upcoming year(s).

Some hints about test questions:
  1. "recall" questions simply ask the user to recall information from the book, but doesn't necessarily assess understanding.  These types of questions earn one point (max).
  2. "application" questions ask the user to use the information from the book to solve a problem by applying concepts to a specific situation (aka story problems).  These types of questions earn 2 points (max).
  3. "integration" questions ask the user to put together multiple pieces of information from the book in a logical way in order to solve an application problem.  These types of questions earn 3 points (max)
Enter questions into the form below.

Science Test Questions

Test Questions That Have Been Submitted:

Science Test Questions