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To get extra credit for English class you can do a variety of things:
  1. Find spelling and/or grammatical errors in published materials.  I came up with this idea as I was browsing some listings in the "Tools" section of CraigsList.  Almost every listing had some kind of error that the author should have been able to fix with a bit of proof-reading.  So, if you find any published materials (on paper or online) that contain errors, give me a printed copy, along with your edits..  The more visible the publication is, the more of a 'find' it is.   There are plenty of sites that are collections of examples, but I prefer that you find your own examples.  Here are some I've found.(1-8 points).
  2. Make a set of flash cards using www.quizlet.com.  The set should be ten cards or more and contain great vocabulary words that are challenging to an 8th grader (but could be used in common language). (1-5 points) About one point per 5 good words.
  3. Write a "Letter to the Editor" to a well-circulated publication.  To become familiar with this process you might want to look at some from local newspapers.  You'll need to take a position on a subject and expound your views in a succinct and well crafted piece.  It would be extremely impressive if it were to get published! (1-10 points)
  4. Watch a TED Talk (www.ted.com) and write a summary/analysis/critique/rebuttal.  It should be about a half to full page.  Include the URL of the video in your written response. (1 -10 points)
  5. This option is not available for a while:  Create a compound word-chain with a single track that is at least 10 words long and is written out on index cards and ready for wall-posting. (ie.... lighthouse → houseboat → boathouse → household → holdup → uptown → township ) (1-5 points, usually 1 point per 8 good words

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