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Your next writing piece is a relatively simple and creative one and always yields success.  

Phase 1. Simply create a storyline (or 2 or 3) that answers the following 11 questions in a few different ways (11/1)

 1. How long have you been on the planet?
 2. Why did you go there?
 3. Describe the two people who are with you.
 4. Why is your spaceship damaged?
 5. When you decided to leave your ship, how far did you walk?
 6. What were you looking for?
 7. When did you realize that someone was following you?
 8. Describe the creature.
 9. Create an action sequence   
 10. What was the surprise or twist?
 11. How does it end?   

Phase 2. Add more detail ()
  1. Choose the best path, then copy the pieces out of the table and paste them (in order) above
  2. Add one (or more) sentence(s) of detail for each question.
  3. Read your story to 2+ other people and see where they want more detail
  4. Add that detail in the form of dialog or further elaboration
Phase 3. Illustrate & Cover Sheet ()
  1. Add your original artwork and/or images from other sources
  2. Image position should be adjacent (near) the corresponding part of the text if possible
  3. Create a cover page that has a title, author, and an image
  4. Print the chart and the final product.