The "Gift I Gave" Essay:  
As you get older your holiday focus will switch from getting to giving.  Write a 3 or 4 paragraph essay that describes a situation in which you gave a gift to someone.  The gift can be physical or not, and the situation could be a celebration (b-day, holiday, etc) or not, you may even be a bit loose with the term "gift".  The essay itself, along with all its components, is due on 12/18/15.
  1. Introduction ()
  2. Possibilities & Parts:  List of 5+ ideas, (Friday, 12/22/17)
  3. One topic chosen & topics for each of the 3 to 4 paragraphs (by Friday 1/19/18) -- my sample
  4. Draft (by Thursday 1/25/18).
  5. Edited drafts (by Monday 1/29/17)
  6. Final version (by Tuesday 1/30/17)