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Choose A Topic
1. of personal interest
2. adequate complexity (link)

Pre-Write (3 points)
1. random unorganized idea
2. brainstorming
3. topics: breadth & depth

Organization (outline) (5 points)
1. topics and subtopics in outline format 
2. any outline format that works for you (columns, mind map)

1. turning the outline into a paragraph
2. middle out

Revisions (5 points)
1. mechanical (grammar, spelling)
2. organization (flow, details, logical)
3. effect/tone/style

Final Copy (12 points)
1. has a good title and heading at the top
2. in a standard font style and size and margins
3. clean copy

The point values for each part are shown above.  Full credit for a portion does not indicate excellent quality, instead adequate completion = full credit.